What are the two types of justice Aristotle identifies in Chapter 1 Book 5 of the Nichomachean ethics?

There are two forms of particular justice: distributive and rectificatory.

What is the point of Nicomachean Ethics Book 1?

In this passage, Aristotle explains the aim of his inquiry in Nicomachean Ethics as a whole: to figure out the best way of life. While most of our actions are done for the sake of some higher end, there is an ultimate end beyond which we wish nothing more.

What is the main idea of Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics?

What is the main idea of Nicomachean Ethics? The main idea of Aristotle’s Nichomachean Ethics is eudaimonia, sometimes translated as ‘happiness. ‘ However, a better way to think of what Aristotle meant by this Greek term is the highest good that humans seek.

What does Aristotle say about justice in Nicomachean Ethics?

Aristotle’s method of defining justice is by means of opposites: he determines what injustice consists in, and argues that its opposite is just. That procedure works well with certain sorts of “opposites,” and seems to work with justice. The “equality” part has to do with not grasping for more than what is fair.

Can you be unjust to yourself?

In the ninth section of of the fifth book of The Nicomachean Ethics , Aristotle addressed, among other questions, whether it is possible for people to treat themselves unjustly, and it looked as though he had settled the question to his satisfaction (no: you cannot be unjust to yourself).

Which of the following are types of justice described by Aristotle in Book V of his ethics?

Aristotle divides justice – understood as fairness in individuals’ shares – into two forms, distributive and corrective. These forms are based on two distinct variations of the concept of reciprocity. Let’s look first at justice in its distributive form.

What is the meaning of Nicomachean?

Nicomachus means “victor in the battle,” so it perhaps is no surprise that courage is the very first virtue discussed in detail, as Aristotle makes it a point to say that the prime exemplification of courage is courage in battle.

What does the word Nicomachean mean?

Nicomachean definition Of or pertaining to Nicomachus (son of Aristotle). adjective.

What is Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics and the good life?

Happiness (or flourishing or living well) is a complete and sufficient good. This implies (a) that it is desired for itself, (b) that it is not desired for the sake of anything else, (c) that it satisfies all desire and has no evil mixed in with it, and (d) that it is stable.

What is Rectificatory justice according to Aristotle?

Rectificatory justice is the species of justice concerned with righting injustice. The aim of rectificatory justice is to set unjust situations right. In Western philosophy, Aristotle’s account is generally taken to be the classic statement on this kind of justice. Aristotle’s ethics is grounded in virtue.

Can you treat yourself unjustly?

With this definitional change, you cannot treat yourself unjustly. Furthermore, you cannot voluntarily be treated unjustly, though you can voluntarily be harmed or suffer injustice. Nobody can sensibly want to be treated unjustly, though they may be mistaken about what is just or unjust to them in any particular case.