What are X1 and X2 pins in 8085?

There are 3 clock signals, i.e. X1, X2, CLK OUT. X1, X2 − A crystal (RC, LC N/W) is connected at these two pins and is used to set frequency of the internal clock generator. This frequency is internally divided by 2. CLK OUT − This signal is used as the system clock for devices connected with the microprocessor.

What is the configuration of 8085 microprocessor?

8085 Microprocessor Pin Configuration. The 40 pins of the microprocessor can be divided into six groups such as address bus, data bus, control signals & status signals; power supply & frequency, externally started signals and serial input/output ports.

Which pin number is for CLK in 8085?

These 2 pins are connected with a crystal or LC network to maintain the internal frequency of the clock generator. CLK (OUT) – It is the 37th pin of the 8085 IC and acts as the system clock that keeps the record of time duration required by each operation to get completed.

Which pin of 8085 is multiplexed?

Answer. Pins 12 to 19 of 8085 are AD0 – AD7 which is the multiplexed address-data bus. Multiplexing is done to reduce the number of pins of 8085.

Which is a 16-bit register in 8085 microprocessor?

Stack Pointer: The stack pointer in the 8085 microprocessor is a 16-bit register that stores the address of the top of stack memory. The value of the stack pointer is decremented by 2 in PUSH operation.

What is Sod pin?

The 8085 Microprocessor has Serial Input/Output lines consisting of two pins as follows: 1. Serial Output Data (SOD) 2. Serial Input Data (SID) They both are specially made for Input/Output which is further controlled by software. The transfer of data is controlled with the help of two instructions, i.e, SIM and RIM.

What is ale pin?

ALE stands for address latch enable. It is the 3oth pin of 8085 which is used to enable or disable the address bus. the address bus will be enabled during the 1st clock cycle as the ALE pin goes high that is logic ‘1’ during the first half cycle.