What artefacts have been found in Australia?


  • 1 Weapons. 1.1 Spears. 1.2 Clubs. 1.3 Boomerangs.
  • 2 Watercraft. 2.1 Dugout canoes. 2.2 Bark canoes.
  • 3 Stone artefacts.
  • 4 Coolamons and carriers. 4.1 Findings.
  • 5 Message sticks. 5.1 Findings.
  • 6 Ornamental artefacts. 6.1 Teeth ornaments. 6.2 Bone ornaments.
  • 7 Clothing. 7.1 Kopis.
  • 8 Children’s toys. 8.1 Dolls. 8.2 Rattles.

What are indigenous artefacts?

These include weapons, bags, toys, clothing, canoes, tools, ceremonial items, and ancestral human remains. Many institutions that hold these items are repatriating them to Aboriginal people.

What is the oldest artifact in Australia?

Bone tools and ornaments have a long history in Australia. The country’s oldest known bone artifact, found at Carpenter’s Gap in Western Australia, dates to 46,000 years ago. Yet, because of their fragility, these objects are discovered much less often than stone and shell artifacts.

What does the Australian Museum have?

We are Australia’s first museum, and have over 21 million scientific specimens and cultural objects in our collections. Learn more from First Nations people, discover thousands of animal factsheets and explore our online education resources.

What do you do if you find Aboriginal artefacts?

What should you do if you find artefacts? 1/ Leave the item where it is, but try to identify the exact spot (eg with a GPS marker) so traditional owners can find it later. 2/ The next thing to do is work out who the traditional owner group is for that area and contact them.

How old is the oldest Aboriginal artefact?

Australian scientists have discovered the country’s oldest known rock art – a 17,300-year-old painting of a kangaroo. The artwork measuring 2m (6.5ft) was painted in red ochre on the ceiling of a rock shelter. It was found in Western Australia’s Kimberley region, known for its Aboriginal rock paintings.

Are Aboriginal artifacts worth anything?

The price range is from $125 for an original artwork up to the most expensive painting we would have would be about $155,000. It’s a broad range. The vast majority of artworks would be in the low to high hundreds and the low thousands, so the vast majority are affordable.

What are Aboriginal instruments?

The Australian Aboriginal people developed three musical instruments – the didjeridu, the bullroarer, and the gum-leaf. Most well known is the didjeridu, a simple wooden tube blown with the lips like a trumpet, which gains its sonic flexibility from controllable resonances of the player’s vocal tract.

Who owns Australian Museum?

Australian Museum Trust Act 1975 This Act constitutes the Australian Museum Trust as a corporation with the corporate name “Australian Museum Trust” (see Section 5) and defines its powers, authorities, duties and functions. The Museum is principally funded by the New South Wales Government.

What is the oldest museum in Australia?

The Australian Museum
The Australian Museum is a heritage-listed museum at 1 William Street, Sydney central business district, New South Wales, Australia. It is the oldest museum in Australia, and the fifth oldest natural history museum in the world, with an international reputation in the fields of natural history and anthropology.

What is a petroglyph Australia?

Petroglyphs (rock engravings) and pictographs (drawings) are a key component of rock art. Researchers estimate that there are more than 100,000 significant rock art sites around Australia. More than 5,000 are located in the Northern Territory’s Kakadu National Park alone.