What benefits are veterans entitled to?

VA benefits include disability compensation, pension, education and training, health care, home loans, insurance, Veteran Readiness and Employment, and burial. See our Veterans page for an overview of the benefits available to all Veterans.

Does VA disability change from state to state?

While your VA disability rating doesn’t change from state to state, the benefits you may receive at the state level can change! Each state has its advantages and has set out parameters for receiving benefits. The department of veterans affairs website is a great place to look at different financial benefits by state.

Can you live off VA disability?

Yes, it is possible to receive VA disability benefits for life. However, you are not guaranteed VA disability benefits for life.

Is my VA disability compensation for life?

As a veteran, you may be entitled to receive disability compensation for the rest of your life, once your claim is granted. In some cases, however, a medical condition that you are receiving compensation for may get better, in which case your disability rating may be decreased.

Can veterans of the state get paid bonuses for recent wars?

This made it possible to facilitate paid bonuses to veterans of the state who served in the most recent military conflicts including those in Kosovo, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Who is eligible for the Ohio Veterans Bonus Program?

Eligible veterans who served in the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan, or Iraq during certain dates may receive a $100 bonus for each month they served in those locations, up to a maximum of $1,000. An eligible veteran may combine their service bonuses for a maximum payment of $1,500. Who is Eligible for the Ohio Veterans Bonus Program?

Are you eligible for Veteran bonuses in New Hampshire?

To be eligible for any of the New Hampshire state Veteran Bonuses, service members must have been discharged from duty in an honorable condition and have been a resident of the state at the time they were called into active duty for a current or recent conflict listed above.

What is the Welcome Home bonus for Massachusetts Veterans?

Welcome Home Bonus: To be eligible for the Welcome Home Bonus, veterans must have resided in the state of Massachusetts for at least six months prior to joining the armed forces beginning on September 11, 2001.