What blinds are best for bathrooms?

For blinds that are likely to get wet regularly or deal with a lot of moisture in the air, the best option is to pick PVC and vinyl blinds (which means PVC roller blinds or PVC vertical blinds), or faux-wood blinds, which are highly water resistant (but might not take an actual dunking on a regular basis).

What are moisture proof blinds?

As you may have guessed by the name, water resistant blinds are blinds with a strong resistance to water, meaning they cannot be damaged by excessive exposure to water and moisture.

What are Sheerweave blinds?

Sheerweave Blinds are made from fabric from our imported range that offers light, sun, weather and UV protection without darkening the room. It offers you complete privacy from the outside and yet the full view of your garden from the inside. The composition is 17% Polyester and 83% Vinyl.

What do you cover bathroom windows with?

What can I use to cover bathroom windows? Almost any window treatment will work in a bathroom, especially if it doesn’t contain a shower. Vinyl shutters, mini blinds, faux woods, cellular and roller shades are all suitable options. These choices all offer durability, privacy, light control, and style.

Who makes SheerWeave?

SheerWeave┬« 1000 – Phifer. Download Specifications & Swatch Card Now.

Are bamboo blinds good for bathrooms?

Bamboo shades are perfect for high humidity areas like the kitchen, bathroom or garage because the reeds are less susceptible to water.

Are roller blinds OK in bathrooms?

Standard Roller blinds Roller blinds are a great choice for a bathroom.

Can you put curtains in a bathroom?

Curtains can add drama and elegance to a bathroom (not usually the most dramatic or elegant room in a house), as well as cosiness and the visual interest of pattern.

Are moisture-resistant blinds waterproof?

That’s why wherever you live, it’s a good idea to consider highly durable, moisture-resistant blinds for these rooms. It’s important to note, however, that “water resistant” does not mean “waterproof.” It does not mean that they won’t get wet.

Why choose ready-made roller blinds?

Also, our ready-made roller blinds are easy to fit and clean, they look great in any room. Roman blinds hang flat on your window with a pull-up cord that creates large horizontal pleats when you pull up your roman blind.

Are wooden blinds easy to maintain?

If you’re after blinds that are easier to maintain; our wooden blinds offer a low-maintenance solution that you can simply wipe clean. Wood also add a touch of nature to your space with their wood effect patterns and warm earth tones.

What are Venetian blinds and how do they work?

Venetian blinds also often referred to as horizontal blinds (as they are made up of horizontal slats) that you can freely open or shut to allow you to control how much light you let in at any given time. There is also a cord that allows you to pull your Venetian blinds all the way up whenever you wish to reveal your whole window.