What can I do after being a dental nurse?

6 Great Career Progression Opportunities For Dental Nurses Explained

  • Treatment Co-ordinator.
  • Oral Health Educator.
  • NVQ Assessor.
  • Senior Dental Nurse.
  • Practice Manager.
  • Specialist Nursing.

Can you work your way up from a dental nurse?

With experience you may be able to move into jobs like team manager, team leader or dental practice manager. You could serve in the armed forces as a dental nurse. With further training you could become a dental therapist, helping a dentist carry out the more routine dentistry work.

What is a dental nurse qualification equivalent?

The main qualification for a dental nurse is a Level 3 diploma or equivalent.

How can a dental nurse become a hygienist?

Training and courses The options are as follows: Diploma in Dental Hygiene – two-year full-time course. Diploma in Dental Hygiene and Therapy – 27-month full-time course. BSc in Oral Health Science – three-year full-time course.

Can a dental nurse become an orthodontist?

Entry qualifications To train as an orthodontic therapist, you need to be qualified in dental nursing, dental hygiene, dental therapy or dental technology. You also need to have a period of post-qualification experience.

What is NVQ level 3 in dental nursing?

Level 3. This qualification will suit you if you are working in an oral health environment and have considerable knowledge and skills in relation to dental equipment, instruments and materials. You are able to work under minimum supervision as a key member of the oral healthcare team.

Can you go to uni with a dental nurse qualification?

Although some universities may accept a national diploma in dental nursing providing you have at least 2 years of on the job experience. However, check with the universities you want to apply to first. Alternatively, an Access to HE Diploma could get you in.

How much does a dental nurse make UK?

A trainee dental nurse will usually earn at least £17,000, and will often train for further qualifications on the job. According to the government’s National Career Service website, the average starting salary for dental nursing jobs is £19,737. This rises up to £30,615 with experience.

How do I become an orthodontist nurse UK?

To work as a dental nurse, it’s required that you attain a certification from the General Dental Council. After gaining a qualification or working as a dental trainee, you can register with the GDC. It’s also essential that you pass an exam and complete at least two years of surgery duties before GDC registration.

Will dental nurses get a pay rise?

As of 1 August 2021, {my}dentist dental nurses will receive an average pay increase of 5.5%, increased annual leave entitlement, payment of the GDC ARF and medical indemnity insurance.

What is the OHE course for dental nurses?

The OHE (Certificate In oral health education) course is a valuable qualification for dental nurses that are hoping to further their careers.

What qualifications do dental nurses have?

The National Examining Board for Dental Nurses has a suite of post certificate qualifications for dental nurses. At present NEBDN offer the following: Oral Health Education – suitable for dental nurses who are required to offer oral health advice to patients under the direction of a dentist. The Record of Experience (RoE) consists of 3 parts.

What are the benefits of dental nurse course?

This dental nurse course is for registered dental nurses who want to get more involved in their patients’ care. As well as better patient care, it helps in providing better support for their dentists. This also includes the diagnosis and treatment through providing a good diagnostic radiograph.

Why study the NEBDN National Diploma in dental nursing?

Start your career now! The NEBDN National Diploma in Dental Nursing is a highly regarded qualification which is approved by the General Dental Council as a preparation for trainee Dental Nurses to enter the dental profession.