What can I do with a 500 euro bill?

The €500 Euro banknotes will no longer be issued and they are no longer in circulation since 2019. Are the First Series old Euro banknotes still valid? The old Euro banknotes from the First Series remain valid, and they can be spent without problems in the Euro-zone and in the UK.

Are 500 euro bills still valid?

Existing €500 banknotes remains legal tender and will always retain its value.

Can I exchange 500 euro notes?

The €500 banknote, like the other denominations of euro banknotes, will always retain its value and can be exchanged at the national central banks of the Eurosystem for an unlimited period of time.

How do you check a 500 euro note?

The security thread is em bedded in the banknote paper. Hold the banknote against the light – the thread will appear as a dark stripe. The word “EURO” and the value (“500”) can be seen in tiny letters on the stripe.

Where can I exchange my 500 euro bill?

Like all denominations of euro banknotes, the €500 note will always retain its value and can be exchanged at a national central bank of the euro area at any time.

Can I change 500 euro note in UK?

You will have great difficulty exchanging a €500 note. Since 20 April 2010 it has been banned from sale in the UK. It is the note of choice for organised crime, money laundering and terrorism. The Serious Organised Crime Agency led an 8 month study into the use of this note which led to the sale ban.

What happened 500 euro note?

Since 27 April 2019, the banknote has no longer been issued by central banks in the euro area, but continues to be legal tender and can be used as a means of payment.

Can I exchange old 500 notes now 2022?

Exchanging old notes You need not visit the branch of the bank where you have an account in. If you want to exchange up to Rs 4,000 in cash, you can simply go to any bank with a valid ID proof. This limit of Rs 4,000 for exchanging old notes will be reviewed after 15 days.

How can you tell a fake 500 euro?

Check with an ultraviolet lamp The paper itself does not glow. Fibers embedded in the paper appear, colored red, blue and green. The flag of the European Union looks green and has orange stars. The signature of the ECB President turns green.

Can I use 500 euro note in Germany?

Existing €500 notes in circulation will continue to be legal currency.

Is there a 500 euro?

The five-hundred-euro note (€500) is the highest-value euro banknote and was produced between the introduction of the euro (in its cash form) in 2002 until 2014.