What causes chondromalacia?

Chondromalacia patellae is caused by an irritation of the underside of the kneecap. It may be the result of the simple wear-and-tear on the knee joint as we age. In younger people, it is more often due to an acute injury such as a fall or a long-term overuse injury related to sports.

Can chondromalacia be cured?

3. Can chondromalacia patella be cured? True chondromalacia patella, which involves a breakdown of the cartilage surface, cannot be cured. However, a program of weight loss, avoidance of those activities which make it worse, exercise, and/or injections may help one to make it become asymptomatic.

What is another name for chondromalacia?

Chondromalacia patellae, also known as “runner’s knee,” is a condition where the cartilage on the undersurface of the patella (kneecap) deteriorates and softens. This condition is common among young, athletic individuals, but may also occur in older adults who have arthritis of the knee.

How long does it take to heal chondromalacia?

Most people with chondromalacia make a full recovery. That recovery might occur as early as one month, or it could take years, depending on the severity of the condition. In mild to moderate cases, you can manage chondromalacia with rest, ice, and stretching.

Can a knee brace help chondromalacia?

This pressure helps reduce the forces going through the kneecap. The patellar strap is perfect for the use of Osgood schlatters, patellar tendonitis (jumpers knee), runners knee and chondromalacia patella. Not only that but they’re handy for general anterior knee pain around the patella.

How long does it take to recover from chondromalacia patella?

What should you not do with chondromalacia?

This means avoiding going up and down stairs and hills, deep knee bends, kneeling, step-aerobics and high impact aerobics. Do not wear high heeled shoes. Do not do exercises sitting on the edge of a table lifting leg weights (knee extension).

Do cortisone shots help chondromalacia?

Corticosteroid injections are another helpful option for managing pain and swelling from chondromalacia. 8 These injections can deliver a quick pain relief option. They are often used with other pain relievers that aren’t helping to manage pain in your knee.

What should you not do if you have chondromalacia patella?

The following activities are common causes of Chondromalacia Patella and can further aggravate the knee if continued without proper care.

  1. Running.
  2. Jumping.
  3. Lunges / Squatting.
  4. Using Leg Extension Machine.
  5. Using a Stair Stepper Machine.
  6. Climbing or Descending Stairs.
  7. Improper Exercise Techniques.