What causes Meatoplasty?

Meatoplasty is the surgery needed when the end of a boy infant’s penis is too small, making urination (peeing) difficult. This condition, called meatal stenosis, is common and easily treated with this procedure.

What is a Meatoplasty?

Meatoplasty (mee-AT-uh-plas-tee) is a simple procedure to fix meatal stenosis. The meatus (mee-AY-tis) is the opening in a boy’s penis where the urine (pee) comes out. In meatal stenosis (mee-AT-ul steh-NO-sis), the meatus is too small.

How long does a meatotomy take to heal?

Keep the incision as clean and dry as possible. Remember that it will take about 2 weeks for the operative area to heal completely. You may experience mild swelling of your penis. This is not a concern at this time.

How long is Meatoplasty surgery?

Outpatient surgery/meatoplasty is curative. The procedure is done under a 5-10 minute anesthetic. Intraoperative preparation includes surgical loupe magnification, mosquito hemostat, fine tipped plastic microsurgical scissors, Castroviejo needle holder, and 7-0 vicryl suture; Child is placed in supine position.

Why is my pee hole bigger?

Urethral prolapse occurs when the inner lining of the urethra sticks out through the opening of the urethra. When this happens, the opening of the urethra looks like a small purple or red donut and seems larger than normal. Urethral prolapse happens most commonly to school-aged girls before puberty.

What is my pee hole called?

urethral opening
The urethral opening is the tiny hole that you pee out of, located just below your clitoris. The vaginal opening is right below your urethral opening. It’s where menstrual blood leaves your body, and babies are born.

What can I expect after a meatotomy?

Meatotomy is considered a safe procedure. Your child may have some of the following symptoms for a few weeks afterward: burning or stinging when they pee….Possible complications from meatotomy include:

  • spraying when peeing.
  • infection of the meatus or site of surgery.
  • scarring of the penis tip.
  • blood clots.

Can meatal stenosis come back after surgery?

Meatal stenosis can reoccur after healing. If symptoms recur, you need to see a doctor again.

Can circumcision damage the urethra?

Purpose: The 2 types of urethral injury that can occur during circumcision are urethrocutaneous fistula and urethral distortion secondary to partial glans amputation. We report the surgical repair of these rare injuries.

Does urine and sperm come from the same hole?

This long tube is located near each testicle and moves the sperm from your danglers to the vas deferens. Vas deferens. This tube connects the epididymis and urethra, which is the hole that urine and semen exit the body through.