What channel is YFM on radio?

YFM broadcasts from Johannesburg using the frequency 99.2 FM and is also available on channel 859 on DSTv and via online live streaming.

What frequency is YFM in Pretoria?

99.20 MHz
99.20 MHz – Y-fm.

How many listeners does YFM have?

According to the Broadcast Research Council of South Africa, the listenership figures for period ending March 2019 was 676 0006.

How do I contact YFM?

Contact YFM

  1. https://www.yfm.co.za.
  2. +27 11 759 6300.
  3. 4 Albury Road, Dunkeld Crescent, Dunkeld West, Sandton, 2196.

Who owns YFM?

eMedia Investments also owns South Africa’s only black youth radio station, YFM, and several other media-related businesses including Cape Town Film Studios, Strika Entertainment, Jacana Media, Silverline 360, Sasani Television Studios and Platco Digital (OpenView HD).

What channel is Tshwane FM?

Tshwane FM 93.6
Tshwane FM 93.6 | Live Radio Stream | Listen Live.

Who owns YFM South Africa?

Most recently, the station came under fire from South African record executives and artists alike when YFM CEO Kanthan Pillay called a meeting and introduced a policy that had been put into place.

How can I get my song played on YFM?

Upload your track and include ALL the track information. Our music compilers will listen to it and if it’s hot, we’ll play it on YFM! Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form. Upload your file to WeTransfer or Dropbox and paste the link here.

Is YFM under SABC?

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. YFM (99.2 FM) is a “Youth” radio station in Johannesburg, South Africa….YFM.

Broadcast area South Africa, Broadcast In Gauteng
Frequency 99.2(MHz)
Branding “99.2 Yfm”

Where is YFM located?

YFM is the biggest young adult radio station in South Africa!