What character did Sarah Jones play in Vampire Diaries?

camera assistant
Sarah Elizabeth Jones was a camera assistant for The Vampire Diaries, until her tragic death on, February 20, 2014.

How did Sarah Jones died from Vampire Diaries?

Jones, 27, was killed in February 2014 after a train crashed into a set on a trestle during the first day of filming “Midnight Rider” in Georgia. Her death sparked an outpouring of concern by people in the entertainment industry, many of whom have advocated for better safety on sets in the wake of the accident.

Is Sarah Jones alive?

February 20, 2014Sarah Jones / Date of death

Who is Sarah Jones that died on The Vampire Diaries?

5 to honor Sarah Jones, the camera assistant who died in February while working on the set of the film “Midnight Rider.” Jones was previously a crew member on “The Vampire Diaries.” She died after being hit by a train while filming scenes for “Midnight Rider” in Georgia.

Who played Nadia Petrova?

Olga Fonda
Olga Tchakova (Russian: Ольга Чакова; known professionally as Olga Fonda) is a Russian-American film and television actress and model. She is also known for her role as Nadia Petrova in The Vampire Diaries (2013-2014).

Who died on the set of Midnight Rider?

Sarah Jones
‘ Why many are upset director is working again. A photograph of Sarah Jones is placed at a 2014 memorial for the camera assistant at the International Cinematographers Guild in Hollywood. Jones, 27, was killed on the set of the film “Midnight Rider.”

Where was Vampire Diaries filmed?

Covington, Georgia
Set in the fictional town of Mystic Falls, Virginia, she soon meets and falls in love with Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) and his brother Damon (Ian Somerhalder), both vampires. Covington, Georgia, served as the show’s primary filming location since the first season.

Where does Sarah Jones live?

Sarah Jones (born 31 August 1985) is an English musician based in London, best known for her work as a session and touring drummer.

Who plays Sarah Salvatore in Vampire Diaries?

Tristin Mays
Tristin Mays (born June 10, 1990) is an American actress….Filmography.

Year 2015–2016
Title The Vampire Diaries
Role Sarah Nelson/Salvatore
Notes Recurring role (season 6), Guest (season 8) 7 episodes

Who is Katherine’s baby daddy?

Niklaus Mikaelson
Throughout The Vampire Diaries In the season four finale of The Vampire Diaries, Graduation, Katherine slept with Niklaus Mikaelson and conceived her daughter, Adyelya.