What colors are Western hognose snakes?

The Western Hognose Snake is heavily-built, yellowish-tan, gray, or dark brown in color, and marked with black blotches. Upturned rostral scales on the snout assist it in burrowing and unearthing prey.

What colors can hognose snakes be?

The eastern hognose has a background color that can be yellow, gray, brown, green or black, often patterned with large, rectangular spots down the middle of the back that may resemble eyespots. The scales of this snake are keeled and the underside of the tail is usually lighter than the rest of the venter.

How many hognose morphs are there?

Hognose Snakes are an excellent beginner pet snake, and they come in a variety of different colors and patterns. These different variations are commonly referred to as “morphs”. To date, breeders have developed around 60 different Hognose Snake morphs.

What is Evans Hypo hognose?

This colour mutation was discovered by the American “hognose pioneer” Richard Evans and unfortunately he called it “Hypo”. There is now a growing conviction that this morph is in fact a form of tyrosine positive albinism. However, the designation “Hypo” was so well established that the “Evans” was added.

What is the rarest type of hognose snake?

1. Albino Hognose Snake. The Albino Hognose snake morph is arguably unique and among the most expensive Hognose morphs. This snake does not produce melanin, which is the darkest of the three pigments you can find in a snake.

What is a toffee hognose?

Toffee Belly – Recessive This was the original Toffee Belly hognose from RBE. Toffee bellies have a light, warm caramel color base with a toffee colored belly, hence the name. They also are likely to have high amounts of paradoxing.

What is a pistachio hognose?

Pistachio. A recessive trait that expresses similarly to Green Hypo. Snakes with this trait often exhibit a purplish-smoky belly instead of the usual black. Animals may present with a green or pink hue and a lack of black or melanin on the dorsal surface.

What is toffee glow hognose?

Toffee Belly – Recessive Toffee bellies have a light, warm caramel color base with a toffee colored belly, hence the name. They also are likely to have high amounts of paradoxing. The morph is compatible with T- Albino (also called amel or amelanism) and when combined creates the Toffee Glow.

What is a watermelon hognose?

The watermelon morph in hognose snakes is the super form of green hypo, and is known for it’s greens and yellows in the pattern, and grey as a background. They are often paired with a line bred pattern trait called Jaguar.

What is Evans Hypo Hognose?

What is a western hognose morph?

A Western Hognose Morph is a difference in color, size, and or genetics. Currently, there are many Western Hognose Morphs available.

What are the different hognose snakes morphs?

Hognose snake morphs are natural and fantastic designer snakes bred to appear similar, even though they exhibit different colors and patterns. The varying shades, markings, and upturned textures make the Hognose snakes undeniably cute.

What colors do hognose snakes come in?

Sable hognoses are a gorgeous mix of dark colors, producing an overall dark colored snake. 2. Caramel Hognose As the name suggests, the caramel morph is a mix of various light and dark caramel colors.

What is an albino hognose?

Extreme Red Albino Hognose The extreme red albino morph definitely is that – extremely red! Beautiful bright whites mix with pale red for the base, and is accentuated by bright red blotches covering the body. To go with the extreme red theme, the eyes are also a gorgeous red colour.