What did Arctic Cat EXT stand for?

“Fly swatting” was exactly what Arctic Enterprises had in mind. Consider what the acronym “EXT” means: Exterminator. This nickname comes up time and again in old service bulletins and I remember it well from our family’s dealer days.

How much horsepower does a Arctic Cat snowmobile have?

The 9000-series C-TEC4 turbocharged three-cylinder engine delivers max horsepower in any conditions. The ultimate 4-stroke powerhouse, it produces 200HP-class performance at 8750 RPM.

What was the most powerful 2 stroke snowmobile engine?

Rotax 850 E-Tec
Rotax 850 E-Tec, the most powerful 2-stroke engine in the industry.

What was the last year of Rupp snowmobiles?

Rupp Industries operated from 1959 until bankruptcy in 1978. Rupp vehicles are known for their performance and bright red coloring, particularly the snowmobiles and off-road vehicles….Rupp Industries.

Type Private company
Founded 1959
Founder Mickey Rupp
Defunct 1978
Headquarters Mansfield, Ohio,U.S.

Who makes the engines for Arctic Cat?

Suzuki has supplied engines for Arctic Cat since 1976. It became a major shareholder in June 1988, paying $12.8 million for a 33 percent stake in the company, then known as Arctco. At the time, Arctco had just rebuffed a $25 million acquisition offer from Medina-based rival Polaris.

What kind of snowmobiles did Arctic Cat make in 1973?

Here is a vintage pre-owned 1973 original brochure. Advertising Arctic Cat snowmobiles. This full color brochure folds open to show the model year snowmobiles. Which include the Lynx, Cheetah, Panther, El Tigre’ Puma, and Kitty Cat. The brochure also shows their line of clothing accessories.

What are the part numbers on a 1973 Arctic Cat ext suspension?

Here is a pair of genuine nos 1973 Arctic Cat EXT suspension adjustment turnbuckle assemblies. They are mint! part numbers include: 0123-576 Main body. 0123-574 Eye bolt. 0123-575 Eyebolt assembly. 0123-376 Nut.

How big is a 1973 Arctic Cat sled?

Please read the entire item description below and review all of the photos before buying. Feel free to ask any questions that you may have. Up For Sale 1973 ARCTIC CAT Features Full Line. Plus Clothing/Accessories. Sleds Include: Cheetah. Panther, Lynx, El Tigre, Puma, Kitty Cat. Measures Approx. 3 1/2 x 8 1/2 Inches Folded.

How big is the track on a 1973 Arctic Cat Lynx 292?

Good used condition complete track for Vintage Arctic Cat Lynx 292 snowmobile. This was removed from a 1973 Lynx 292 (0250-002. 4/7? VIN 0132036) but may fit other models. Track has (20) 2/3 cleats per side. Approx 5″ ctr/ctr. 17″ wide.