What did Jose Gervasio Artigas do?

José Gervasio Artigas, (born June 19, 1764, probably Montevideo [now in Uruguay]—died September 23, 1850, Ibiray, near Asunción, Paraguay), soldier and revolutionary leader who is regarded as the father of Uruguayan independence, although that goal was not attained until several years after he had been forced into …

Who is the national hero of Uruguay?

José Gervasio Artigas Arnal
José Gervasio Artigas Arnal (Spanish pronunciation: [xoˈse xeɾˈβa. sjo aɾˈti. ɣas aɾˈnal]; June 19, 1764 – September 23, 1850) was a political leader, military general, statesman and national hero of Uruguay and the broader Río de la Plata region.

What is Natalicio de Artigas Uruguay?

Every year on the 19th June, Natalicio de Artigas celebrates the life of the father of Uruguayan independence. It is a great day to celebrates pride and nationalism through out the country. Participants have access to great parades, street festivals, dance, and music that exhales patriotic experience.

What caused the Uruguay revolution?

In August 1816, forces from Brazil invaded and began the Portuguese conquest of the Banda Oriental with the intention of destroying Artigas and his revolution. The Portuguese forces included a fully armed force of disciplined Portuguese European veterans of the Napoleonic Wars with local Brazilian troops.

What does Uruguay celebrate?

Many Uruguay Holidays and Festivals are religious in nature, such as Epiphany and Holy Week, but the country also observes regular holidays such as New Year’s Day and Labor Day, while Independence Day in August marks the country’s break from the strict rule of the Empire of Brazil back in the early 1800’s.

What is special about Uruguay?

Uruguay is the country with the oldest population in South America. While places like Japan and Italy might be famous for having the oldest populations in the world, Uruguay is leading the way for countries in South America, as the only country from the region in the top 50.

What are some fun facts about Uruguay?

10 Interesting Facts About Uruguay

  • Uruguay Is South America’s Second Smallest Country.
  • Uruguay Has The World’s Longest National Anthem.
  • Uruguay Became The First Country To Supply A Laptop For Free To Every Schoolchild.
  • The World’s “Humblest Head Of State” Is From Uruguay.

What are some traditions in Uruguay?

Here are some of the most common traditions and customs to expect when visiting Uruguay.

  • Drinking mate.
  • Going to the tablado during Carnival.
  • Eating an asado.
  • Watching and playing football.
  • Having different traditional alternatives to Easter Week.
  • Eating tortas fritas on rainy days.
  • Parading with the neighborhood comparsa.

What is a fun fact about Uruguay?