What did Rio host in 2016?

The city of Rio de Janeiro has been elected as the host city of the Games of the XXXI Olympiad in 2016 following a vote by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Session. IOC President Jacques Rogge made the announcement at the close of the first day of meetings of the IOC’s 121st Session in Copenhagen, Denmark.

What sports did Rio 2016 add?

Notable new sports that were added for the Rio Games were golf and rugby sevens. The Rio Olympics also featured the debut of a Refugee Team made up of 10 athletes from various war-torn countries who had no permanent new home at the start of the Games.

How many sports we are there in the Rio Olympics 2016?

28 sports
2016 Summer Olympics

Emblem of the 2016 Summer Olympics
Host city Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Nations 207 (including IOA and EOR teams)
Athletes 11,238
Events 306 in 28 sports (41 disciplines)

Is Goku the mascot of the 2020 Olympics?

TIL that Japan has chosen Dragon Ball Z’s Goku as an ambassador of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics : r/olympics.

How is Vinicius different from other mascots?

Vinicius is a mix of different Brazilian animals. His design takes inspiration from pop culture, as well as video game and animation characters. Alongside his Paralympic Games colleague, Vinicius represents the diversity of the Brazilian people and culture, as well as its exuberant nature.

Who was the fastest female athlete in the Rio Olympics 2016 in 400 m relay event?

Shaunae Miller of Bahamas was the world leading runner for 2016, followed by 2015 World Champion Allyson Felix.

Which country won the Rio Olympics?

United States
Host country Brazil won seven gold medals, their most at any single Summer Olympics….2016 Summer Olympics medal table.

2016 Summer Olympics medals
Location Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Most gold medals United States (46)
Most total medals United States (121)

What is the Olympic torch run?

The Olympic torch relay is the ceremonial relaying of the Olympic flame from Olympia, Greece, to the site of an Olympic Games. It was first performed at the 1936 Summer Olympics, and has taken place prior to every Games since.

Who has the largest Olympic team?

The United States
The United States has the largest delegation with 224 athletes. Canada has 217, the Russian Olympic Committee has 215, the People’s Republic of China has 174, Switzerland has 167, Germany has 149, Japan has 124 and Italy has 118. The Czech Republic and Sweden each have 116 athletes.

What is the name of the mascot of Rio 2016?

Vinicius and Tom Vinicius and Tom are the official mascots of the Rio 2016 Olympic And Paralympic Games. The Olympic Mascot’s name is Vinicius. He represents the fauna of Brazil.

What do the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games mascots mean?

The Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games mascots have been unveiled. Inspired by Brazil’s fauna and flora, the duo feature various pop culture influences, along with elements of animation and computer game characters. Watch the video of how the mascots were created here.

What is TomTom the Paralympic mascot?

Tom, the Paralympic mascot of the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games is a unique mixture of the Brazilian flora. He is able to constantly transform, with determination and joy growing and overcoming obstacles. In addition to practising Paralympic sports, he is constantly on the move.

What is the name of the Olympic mascot?

The name of the Olympic mascot pays tribute to Brazilian poet and lyricist Vinicius de Moraes. Vinicius is a mix of different Brazilian animals. His design takes inspiration from pop culture, as well as video game and animation characters.