What do the upward stars mean?

The Upward Stars your child receives are a symbol of accomplishment and should be worn with pride. Each star has a unique meaning of achievement in the Upward Program. Stars should be applied the sleeve of the Upward T-shirt your child received and not the Upward uniform.

How do you coach upwards in basketball?

Coach responsibilities include: running 10 practices on your assigned week night and 8 games on Saturdays. All coaches receive a coaches kit, playbook, and polo shirt. All coaches must attend one pre-season training meeting on TBA. Sign-up to help in any way during the season!

What is the goal height for upward basketball?

Our Kindergarten League uses a 27.0″ basketball, all other leagues use a 28.5″ or standard women’s size basketball. The goal height of 8′ is used for Kindergarten, 1st – 3rd Grade Girls and 1st & 2nd Grade Boys League. Our 4th – 6th Grade Girls and 3rd & 4th Grade Boys league play on a 9′ goal.

Does Upward Basketball keep score?

Score is NOT kept. The focus of this age is to learn fundamentals, not winning and losing. 3-second violation is NOT called. Referees should advise players of this potential violation but not penalize. Coaches are allowed on the floor with players.

What do you do with upward stars?

Stars should be applied to the sleeves of the Upward t-shirt NOT the uniform. It is suggested that the green Scripture stars and the white Christlike stars should be ironed on the left sleeve to be close to the heart and the other game day stars should be ironed on the right sleeve.

What is a size 4 basketball?

Size 4. With a circumference of 25.5” and a weight of only 14 oz, these child-friendly basketballs are ideal for children ages 4-8.

How do you iron on Stars upwards?

What ball does the NBA use?

You could say 2021 has been a great year for Wilson. Not only did the 107-year-old brand open their first flagship store, Wilson became the official game ball of the NBA after 37 years.

Can you buy an NBA game ball?

The official NBA game ball retails for $200. “Wilson is excited to unlock our history and heritage with the NBA to grow the game of basketball on the global stage,” Kevin Murphy, General Manager of Wilson Team Sports said in the release.

How much does an official NBA ball cost?

According to the Spalding website, an official NBA game ball costs $169.99. The Spalding website advertises the following features of their NBA game basketballs: Official NBA size and weight: Size 7, 29.5″ Full-grain Horween leather cover.