What do u mean by stride?

1a : a cycle of locomotor movements (as of a horse) completed when the feet regain the initial relative positions also : the distance traversed in a stride. b : the most effective natural pace : maximum competence or capability —often used in the phrase hit one’s stride. 2 : a long step. 3 : an act of striding.

What is an example of stride?

An example of stride is when you walk down the street purposefully, wanting to quickly get to your destination. The definition of an example of stride is a long step or working in such a way to make good progress. An example of stride is a step taken that covers a large distance.

Is stride a synonym of walk?

The noun stride also means “a step made while running or walking.” If you are bored, you can count your strides between home and the bus stop. As a verb, stride means “to walk or run by taking long steps.” Elite runners stride, making it look easy.

What is the opposite of stride?

Opposite of to walk with long or vigorous steps. crawl.

How do you use the word stride?

Stride sentence example

  1. He paid no attention and continued to stride down the corridor.
  2. Jenn heard him stride away and slam a door.
  3. Gerald fell into stride with her.
  4. Her unusually swift stride outdistanced both of them.
  5. Lana straightened in her seat on the couch, eyes following his powerful stride across the tent.

How do you use the word STRIDE?

What is a synonym for walk?

synonyms for walk

  • hike.
  • jaunt.
  • parade.
  • step.
  • stretch.
  • stroll.
  • tour.
  • airing.

What is the synonym of path?

Synonyms of ‘path’ in British English He was following a broad trail through the trees. avenue. It is set in landscaped grounds at the end of a tree-lined avenue. pathway. footpath.