What do we learn about Odysseus dog?

Returning to the Palace, Odysseus sees Argus, who immediately recognizes him despite his disguise. Once a dog known for its strength, agility, and hunting skills was now a dog covered in manure, lice and is on the brink of death. Odysseus and his dog have a deep relationship filled with trust and loyalty.

What happens to the dog in The Odyssey?

Argos recognizes Odysseus at once, and he has just enough strength to drop his ears and wag his tail but cannot get up to greet his master. As soon as Odysseus passes by (but not without shedding a tear for his beautiful dog lying in manure) and enters his hall, Argos dies.

Who is the dog in Odyssey?

Argos is the name of Odysseus’ faithful dog in Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey. When Odysseus returns home to Ithaca in disguise, Argos (now much older than when his owner left him) is the only one in the household who recognizes him immediately.

Why does Odysseus hide his emotions about the dog?

This trait might be important later on in the poem because surprise is key when Odysseus returns and he needs to learn to hide his emotions, so that he doesn’t give away his identity. Explain the dramatic irony in lines 27-41.

How does Odysseus feel about seeing his old dog?

How does Odysseus feel when he sees his old dog? Why does he hide his tear from Eumaeus? Odysseus feels bad about what became of his dog and he hides his tear to keep it together and not seem weak.

What happens in the episode involving Odysseus dog Argus?

What happens in the episode involving Odysseus’s dog, Argus? Argus sees Odysseus and then dies.

How has the dog been treated since Odysseus left?

Argos has deteriated just as Ithaca has in the 20 years Odysseus was gone. The dog has been neglected and poorly treated, Penelope and Telemachus too have suffered in the hands of the suitors.

What breed is Odysseus dog?

In Homer’s Odyssey, Argos (/ˈɑːrɡɒs, -ɡəs/; Greek: Ἄργος) is Odysseus’ faithful dog….Argos (dog)

Odysseus and Argos by Jean-Auguste Barre (19th century illustration)
Species Dog
Nation from Greek
Employer Odysseus
Known for Speed and strength and his superior tracking skills

What is the theme of the story about Argus?

Summary: From a compelling new voice in middle grade comes a reimagination of The Odyssey told from the point of view of Odysseus’s loyal dog—a thrilling tale of loyalty, determination, and adventure.

Which of the following sentences best summarizes the Argus episode?

Which of the following sentences best summarizes the Argus episode? Odysseus’ faithful dog Argus, weak through neglect and abuse, wags his tail at the sound of Odysseus’ voice, and then he dies. What is one result of Odysseus’ initial exchange with the suitor Antinous?

What happens in the episode involving Odysseus dog Argus in the excerpt from the Odysseus Part 2?

How do you think Odysseus feels seeing the dog in such condition?

Odysseus feels bad about what became of his dog and he hides his tear to keep it together and not seem weak.

What is the summary of the Odyssey?

The Odyssey Summary. With each trial, the crew’s death toll rose, and Odysseus’s ingenuity grew more desperate. Finally, the men anchored on the Island of the Sun. The prophet Tiresias warned Odysseus to keep his crew from harming the Sun God’s cattle, but the men killed a few animals when Odysseus was asleep.

What happens to Odysseus and his dog in the Odyssey?

During the trip to town, Odysseus and his swineherd cross paths with a bully, the goatherd Melanthius, but avoid a fight. In one famously poignant moment, Odysseus and his dying old dog, Argos, quietly recognize each other. In the banquet hall, Antinous bullies the ragged beggar/Odysseus and even throws a footstool at him.

What is the name of Odysseus’dog?

It is Argos, the king’s pet as a pup, now some 20 years old. The dog recognizes his master, thumps his tail, but is too weak to move toward him. Odysseus, too, recognizes his dog but knows he cannot show it.

What did Odysseus say to Eumaeus when he saw the dog?

When Odysseus saw the dog on the other side of the yard, dashed a tear from his eyes without Eumaeus seeing it, and said: “Eumaeus, what a noble hound that is over yonder on the manure heap: his build is splendid; is he as fine a fellow as he looks, or is he only one of those dogs that come begging about a table, and are kept merely for show?”