What do you mean by cherish?

to hold dear
Definition of cherish transitive verb. 1a : to hold dear : feel or show affection for cherished her friends. b : to keep or cultivate with care and affection : nurture cherishes his marriage. 2 : to entertain or harbor in the mind deeply and resolutely still cherishes that memory.

How do you use cherish?

be fond of; be attached to.

  1. I will cherish all tne memories of us together!
  2. I will cherish every good to me.
  3. I just want to cherish now.
  4. If love, please cherish.
  5. I am not good, but only one, cherish it, cherish it.
  6. The president will cherish the memory of this visit to Ohio.

What is an example of cherish?

To cherish is defined as to treat with love or remember fondly. An example of to cherish is for a child to hold on to a gift from a grandparent. An example of to cherish is to think of your vacation with your family.

What is another word cherish?

Some common synonyms of cherish are appreciate, prize, treasure, and value. While all these words mean “to hold in high estimation,” cherish implies a special love and care for something.

Is cherishable a word?

Cherishable definition Capable of, or suitable for, being cherished.

How can I cherish my wife?

10 Ways to Cherish Your Spouse

  1. 1.Be sensitive to his/her needs.
  2. Let our actions as well as our words show her/him that they are loved, respected and cared for.
  3. Pay attention when the other is talking.
  4. Be careful and considerate in our language.

Is Cherishment a word?

Cherishment definition (obsolete) Encouragement; comfort.

Will always cherish meaning?

To cherish something is to care for it deeply, to treasure it, like the way you cherish the time you spend with a favorite person you don’t see often.

What’s the opposite of cherish?

▲ Opposite of to care for (someone) lovingly. despise. hate. abhor.

Is cherish the same as love?

Cherishing is an exalted form of love, the highest, noblest, strongest feeling one person can have for another. Cherishing is a love for the other that has come to maturity, to fruition. It is a bonding not only of the physical, but of spiritual, emotional and intellectual dimensions shared in common with the other.

What is Mash Mash?

mashnoun. a mixture of mashed malt grains and hot water; used in brewing.

What makes a man cherish a woman?

Trust & Honesty: Men and women want honesty and trust alike in their relationships always, but even more, men want a woman who isn’t scared to be honest in every part of her life and relationship. Whether it is being honest with him or herself, men admire a woman who is comfortable enough to be honest.