What do you say to an Army wife?

Here are 10 thoughtful ways to thank a military spouse:

  • Saying a simple “Thank you for serving, too” goes a long way.
  • Listen.
  • Offer to help with yard work.
  • Send them a note in the mail.
  • Saying thank you with food is always a nice gesture.
  • Invite them over for coffee.
  • Go for a walk.
  • Introduce them to a new friend.

What are soldiers wives called?

Cantinières on campaign Cantinières were civilian women attached to the French Army on an official basis, who sold food and liquor to the soldiers above and beyond what they received as rations. They had to be married to a soldier of the regiment, and received no pay, living off their earnings instead.

What a military wife should not say?

8 Things You Shouldn’t Say to a Military Spouse or Partner.

  • “You chose this life.”
  • “My spouse travels for work, so I totally know what you’re going through.”
  • “I don’t know how you do it! I don’t think I could manage!”
  • “It will go fast. And besides, I’m sure you’re used to it, by now.”
  • “Wait, what? They’re where?

How do I comfort my military wife?

Showing your support for the military spouse in your life

  1. Call and check in.
  2. Send a card.
  3. Offer to take the kids for a night, if you live close enough.
  4. Make a meal or send a gift card to a local restaurant.
  5. Offer to be a listening ear.

What is a British war bride?

The term “war bride” refers to the estimated 48,000 young women who met and married Canadian servicemen during the Second World War. These war brides were mostly from Britain, but a few thousand were also from other areas of Europe: the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy and Germany.

Is it hard being a military wife?

The life of a military spouse is undeniably challenging. Being away from your partner for months or years at a time, assuming the role of a single parent, trying to balance a career while moving so often – all of these realities of military life can take its toll.

How can I be the best Army wife?

43 Awesome Tips Every New Military Wife Needs to Know

  1. Continue to pursue your own needs, wants, desires, and goals.
  2. Enjoy where you are.
  3. Seek out mentors.
  4. Learn your resources and benefits.
  5. Find a deployment buddy.
  6. Take it easy on yourself.
  7. Mentor other military spouses.
  8. Get involved and volunteer.