What do you wear instead of a dirndl?

If you don’t plan on wearing a dirndl or lederhosen to Oktoberfest, just wear your normal clothes. Plenty of people show up to the Oktoberfest tents wearing just their everyday sweatshirt and jeans attire. This is especially perfect for Oktoberfest-goers looking to stay on a budget.

Can you wear normal clothes to Oktoberfest?

Can you wear normal clothes to Oktoberfest? Technically, yes. If you so choose, you can wear jeans and a t-shirt to Oktoberfest. But 95% of festivalgoers dress in lederhosen or dirndls, so I highly recommend wearing Oktoberfest attire as well.

Do locals dress up for Oktoberfest?

So, is it really necessary? Well, the truth is: wearing dirndls and lederhosen are not officially mandatory – there’s no real Oktoberfest dress code or anything like that to worry about. There will definitely be people there who are not wearing them – visitors and locals alike.

How should I dress for Oktoberfest?

What Are The Outfits Called? Authentic outfits for Oktoberfest in Munich are called Tracht (Tra-oct). Women wear traditional dirndl (DEERN-dul) dresses while men wear leather lederhosen (LAY-der-hozen) shorts.

Should I wear lederhosen to Oktoberfest?

Today, most Oktoberfest visitors wear some kind of costume, which resemble traditional alpine Bavarian clothing to a certain degree. For all those, who want to know more, we wrote an own article on “What is a Tracht?”. You really don’t need to by a pair of cheap Lederhosen or a trashy Dirndl imitation, just to fit in.

What do you wear to a German themed party?

Both women and men can wear lederhosen—and many manufactures offer styles to accommodate a range of tastes. Women who don’t want to show up to Oktoberfest in a pair of “leather breeches” might opt for a dirndl, or a traditional German dress associated with rural, agrarian life in Germany—much like lederhosen.

How should I wear my hair for Oktoberfest?

Oktoberfest hairstyle: Crown braid It’s ideal for medium-length or longer hair. At any length, it’s an uncomplicated yet high-impact hairstyle. Tip: Start braiding at the hairline to make this style work in even shorter hair. Beginning at ear level, create two long braids.

Do you wear stockings with a dirndl?

Most German girls will wear these, or a kitten heel at most, as experience has taught them that it’s best. The emphasis should be on comfort but also looking and feeling good. Besides this, I would definitely recommend wearing a pair of tan or natural tights/stockings with your dirndl.

Do you wear a petticoat under a dirndl?

Wearing a dirndl or a trachten skirt without a suitable petticoat is a real fashion faux-pas. Tradition dictates that these types of garment should be teamed with three vital pieces of underwear to ensure that they look their best: the dirndl bra, a pair of dirndl bloomers or underpants and a petticoat skirt.

Do you wear socks with dirndl?

Add a pair of white knee-high stockings or socks. The bow should match the dirndl. If you usually wear nylon stockings, go with a nude color that matches your skin tone, and wear the white socks over your nylons.