What does 5 mean on gum?

3 mm – 5mm with no bleeding: Gum pockets of this depth could indicate a likelihood of gum disease. 3 mm – 5 mm with bleeding: It’s very likely that gums with these measurements have early gum disease. 5 mm – 7 mm with bleeding: Besides almost certain gum disease, bone loss and tissue damage are also possible.

Does 5 gum still exist?

It was discontinued and later re-released as Cirrus.

What is a good gum score?

This is us scoring your gums between 0 and 4. Zero is the best you can get, meaning your gums are perfect! While 4 can indicate gum disease.

What do dentist gum numbers mean?

As a patient, you want to hear a smaller number. That means that you have a smaller gap between the tooth and gum, a sign of a healthy mouth. A larger or a higher number indicates that you have gum issues such as plaque and tartar buildup. If you hear numbers of 0 or 1, you are doing pretty well.

Is 5 gum coming back?

Mars Wrigley Australia has announced that that 5 GUM will make a return to the Australian market. 5 GUM will be available in three flavours – Blueberry Rush, Watermelon Burst and Cool Mint – inspired by the best flavours from around the globe nand some former Australian favourites, too.

Does chewing gum give you jawline?

Although chewing gum can help stimulate jaw muscles, it cannot create a larger and squarer jawline, giving the person a more chiseled look. Plenty of theories cite that chewing gum regularly gives you a firm and chiseled jawline, but all of them lack authentic scientific research to support their credibility.

What gum is best for your teeth?

Trident: While not explicitly sugar-free, if there’s no other option, Trident is better than most major gum brands. Trident contains . 17 mg of xylitol, which means it isn’t as damaging to your teeth as other brands that rely solely on sugar for sweetening.

What is the strongest gum?

Grenades is a powerful, explosively intense, sugar free gum with an icy cool kick unlike anything you’ve experienced before! It’s a mind numbing, brain freezing, sinus shocking experience that you won’t soon forget. Grenades Gum doesn’t just freshen your breath, it obliterates it.

Where can I find information about the Gimme 5 game?

Complete Gimme 5 game information and prize claiming instructions are available from any Maine State Lottery retail agent or by email at [email protected].

What is the Tri-State Gimme 5 ® game?

Tri-State Gimme 5 ® – Get your hand on a hundred grand! Gimme 5! Better yet, gimme $2, $7, $250, or $100,000! Those are the prizes you could win if you play the right numbers in this Tri-State Gimme 5® game. With five drawings per week, and each play only $1, there are plenty of chances to play and win.

How much does a Gimme 5® ticket cost?

Every time a Gimme 5® ticket is purchased in New Hampshire, all profits remain in the state and are earmarked for education. Gimme 5® prizes expire one year from draw date. Each play costs $1 for each draw.

How do you use Quick Pick on Gimme 5?

Quick Pick. On a Gimme 5 play slip, mark the QUICK PICK (QP) box on each play, or ask the clerk for a Quick Pick, to let the lottery terminal randomly pick numbers. Multiple Draws. You may purchase a ticket good for up to 30 consecutive draws by marking the number of draws under the MULTI DRAW column on the play slip.