What does a diatribe mean?

1 : a bitter and abusive speech or piece of writing. 2 : ironic or satirical criticism. 3 archaic : a prolonged discourse.

What is a rant speech?

rant. noun. Definition of rant (Entry 2 of 2) 1a : a bombastic extravagant speech. b : bombastic extravagant language.

What is another word for rant?

In this page you can discover 47 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for rant, like: tirade, magniloquence, fume, rail, bombast, rhetoric, rave, harangue, nonsense, bluster and rage.

Can a person meander?

To meander means to wander aimlessly on a winding roundabout course. Today, a stream or a path meanders, as does a person who walks somewhere in a roundabout fashion. If your speech meanders, you don’t keep to the point.

What are the characteristics of a rant?

Checklist – as you organize your rant, make notes, and practice, check to make sure you include the following:

  • Choose a current topic important to you.
  • Introduction (catchy)
  • Pause periodically throughout for emphasis.
  • Include humour.
  • Use gestures.
  • Use exaggeration and emphasize certain words.
  • Make comparisons or analogies.

What rave means?

1 : an act or instance of raving. 2 : an extravagantly favorable criticism the play received the critics’ raves. 3 : a large overnight dance party featuring techno music and usually involving the taking of mind-altering drugs.

How do you write a rant poem?

Write your rant poem by stringing sentences from your brainstorm together in chronological order. Rant poems, like prose, contain sentences and sentence fragments. Make sure each complaint flows to the next logically, like sentences do in paragraphs. Break the lines of your poem where it feels appropriate.

What should I rant about?

More to rant about:

  • terrible spelling on the internet and in posts.
  • eating habits and how disgusting they are.
  • teenage boyfriend/girlfriend relationships.
  • excessive use of the word “like”
  • the smell of feet in your face in the morning.

How do you make a good rant?


  1. Intro – Establish the topic of the rant, quickly.
  2. Middle – Provide a challenging statement which makes the listener/viewer think…. The “AHA!” moment.
  3. End – Wrap up with a strong, powerful statement that leaves the listener/viewer with an understanding of the topic, i.e. a summary with a catch.

What are some good rant topics?

Being very different to most of the other non-fiction writing, it can be used as a style to create interesting points in sentences and paragraphs.

  • People/Celebrities.
  • Human behaviour.
  • Language.
  • Cultures.
  • History.
  • War.
  • Politics.
  • Laws/regulations.

What is the synonym of meandering?

Some common synonyms of meander are ramble, roam, rove, traipse, and wander.

What is a rant video?

When you produce a video rant, you’re sharing a verbal message (the words you have chosen) and a non-verbal message (your clothing and the background). It’s just as important to control the non-verbal message. You might be ranting, but appearing on camera in your pajamas isn’t going to lend your message much authority!

What is rant writing?

Public Speaking or Persuasive Oral Presentations: Rant writing is an engaging way to bring public speaking and persuasive writing into the classroom.

How do you use tirade in a sentence?

In 1848, on his return to Paris, he published a violent tirade against Russia, which caused his expulsion from France. I will not tolerate another tirade regarding whatever you choose to be angry about today. In a furious tirade , she railed against the opposing politician’s incompetence.

What part of speech is tirade?


part of speech: noun
related words: complaint
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How do you spell Tirate?

Correct spellings for TIRATE

  1. crate One crate was the scene of much the same sort of escape-drama that Lass had just enacted.
  2. grate Grate stem off skin deep.
  3. irate One irate father, thinking he had called too often upon his young daughter, put it to him straight.
  4. iterate.
  5. nitrate.
  6. orate.
  7. pirate.
  8. prate.

How do you rant less?

Ranting about something unfair that’s been done to us simply feels good, so it must be good for us, right?…Choose a strategy that works best for your personality and lifestyle, and begin to enjoy a less angry lifestyle.

  1. Meditate. Ommmm.
  2. Take deep breaths.
  3. Talk to a therapist or a neutral person.
  4. Be proactive.
  5. Exercise.

Why do people rant?

Sometimes when people are talking with you they are frustrated or angry about something. This creates and builds internal tension as they think about the gap between what is and what they think should be. This pressure drives them to expel the discomfort, to vent their feelings, having a rant at whoever will listen.

What is the synonyms of recreational?


  • amusement.
  • diversion.
  • enjoyment.
  • fun.
  • hobby.
  • pleasure.
  • relaxation.
  • picnic.

What is a tirade?

: a protracted speech usually marked by intemperate, vituperative, or harshly censorious language.

Can ranting be positive?

A: Yes, to “rant and rave” (to shout angrily and wildly) might be described as negative. But to “rave” isn’t quite as positive as you seem to believe. The verb “rave” can be negative as well as positive. You can rave in anger about something or rave in praise of it.

What is the opposite of meandering?

What is the opposite of meander?

rush stay
unwind stride
join tiptoe
behave go
march keep up

What is a tirade of abuse?

a long, angry speech expressing strong disapproval: She launched into an angry/furious tirade about how she had been unfairly treated. In a furious tirade of abuse, the opposition spokesperson demanded the minister’s resignation. Synonym. broadside.

What is the opposite of ambiguity?

Antonyms: unambiguity, unequivocalness. Synonyms: equivocalness. ambiguity, equivocalness(noun)

How do you start a rant speech?

Giving the session:

  1. Rant FOR something, not just against something.
  2. Get to the point.
  3. Explain why you care – not just for yourself but for other people, be they developers or users or society in general.
  4. Be clear and direct.
  5. Reference real world examples.
  6. Expect people to disagree with you.

How do you spell tirade?

noun. a prolonged outburst of bitter, outspoken denunciation: a tirade against smoking. a long, vehement speech: a tirade in the Senate.

What does rant mean in slang?

1 : to talk in a noisy, excited, or declamatory manner. 2 : to scold vehemently. transitive verb. : to utter in a bombastic declamatory fashion.

What is the opposite of a rant?

What is the opposite of rant?

silence hush
quiet quieten
mute quell
squelch abate
muffle repress

What is a long complaint or rant?

The definition of a rant is a complaint that is often lengthy and filled with anger and emotion. An example of a rant is a long, emotional letter of complaint to a company.

Is Tiraded a word?

A tirade is a speech, usually consisting of a long string of violent, emotionally charged words. The noun tirade is related to the Italian word tirata, which means “volley.” So imagine a very angry person lobbing harsh words and strings of profanity in your direction when you want to remember what tirade means.