What does antisocial elements mean?

unwilling or unable to associate in a normal or friendly way with other people: He’s not antisocial, just shy. antagonistic, hostile, or unfriendly toward others; menacing; threatening: an antisocial act. opposed or detrimental to social order or the principles on which society is constituted: antisocial behavior.

What is an example of antisocial?

Abusive or insulting behaviour. Shouting, screaming, swearing or drunkenness. Using violence or threatening to use violence. Vandalism, graffiti or fly–tipping.

What does antisocial mean?

Overview. Antisocial personality disorder, sometimes called sociopathy, is a mental disorder in which a person consistently shows no regard for right and wrong and ignores the rights and feelings of others.

What are the causes of anti-social Behaviour?

The common causes of antisocial behaviour as revealed by the study are: media influence, lack of counsellor in schools, ineffective school administration, peer influence, broken home and lack of parental care.

What is another word for antisocial?

What is another word for antisocial?

unsociable reserved
alienated aloof
buttoned-up cold
cold-eyed cool
detached distant

What’s the difference between asocial and antisocial?

Developmental psychologists use the synonyms nonsocial, unsocial, and social uninterest. Asociality is distinct from but not mutually exclusive to anti-social behaviour, in which the latter implies an active misanthropy or antagonism toward other people or the general social order.

Is antisocial positive or negative?

The overall effect of antisocial friendships on adolescent antisocial behavior is moderate, positive and mainly direct. The indirect effect of antisocial friendships, mediated by impulsivity and empathy, is very small.

What are the signs of anti-social Behaviour?

Signs of antisocial personality disorder

  • exploit, manipulate or violate the rights of others.
  • lack concern, regret or remorse about other people’s distress.
  • behave irresponsibly and show disregard for normal social behaviour.
  • have difficulty sustaining long-term relationships.
  • be unable to control their anger.

What’s the opposite of antisocial?

What is the opposite of antisocial?

sociable friendly
amiable gracious
amicable genial
helpful agreeable
affable congenial

What is the difference between asocial and antisocial?