What does ATF stand for in Waco?

At Mount Carmel in Waco, Texas, agents of the U.S. Treasury Department’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) launch a raid against the Branch Davidian compound as part of an investigation into illegal possession of firearms and explosives by the Christian cult.

Can you call the ATF?

In the event of the loss, theft or destruction of an ATF Form 5400.30 (Type 60 coupon), upon discovery the coupon holder should immediately contact ATF at 1-888-ATF-BOMB (1-888-283-2662) and do so within 24 hours of discovery.

What did Branch Davidians believe in?

The Branch Davidians under David Koresh were an eschatologically confident community that had long expected that the American government, whom they identified as the Lamb-like Beast of the Book of Revelation, would one day arrive to seek to destroy God’s remnant people.

What do the Branch Davidians do?

The Branch Davidians (or the General Association of Branch Davidian Seventh-day Adventists) are an apocalyptic new religious movement founded in 1955 by Benjamin Roden. They regard themselves as a continuation of the General Association of Davidian Seventh-Day Adventists, established by Victor Houteff in 1935.

Where did David Koresh get his money?

According to a 1993 Chicago Tribune article, the sect members collected cars, recycled building materials, purchased food in bulk, and relied on food stamps and other forms of public aid in order to make ends meet. They also frequently fell behind on property taxes and didn’t have indoor plumbing in the compound.

How many Carmelites are there?

The Monks of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel represent a new branch, one that hopes to “re-establish the monastic expression of Carmel,” says Father Daniel Mary, the Wyoming monastery’s prior. In the United States, the prior estimates there are 1,500 people living as Carmelites.