What does Buffy say to Dawn in The Gift?

Buffy’s statement to Dawn, “The hardest thing in this world is to live in it,” is repeated by Dawn as an encouragement to her sister in “Once More, with Feeling.”

What is Buffy’s gift?

As Buffy trains with Giles, she reveals to him that the First Slayer told her, on her vision quest (in “Intervention”), that death was her gift, an idea she rejects. Buffy also notes that while she survived killing Angel despite loving him, losing Dawn will destroy her.

What does death is your gift mean in Buffy?

Buffy took that to mean that dealing Death, i.e. killing was her gift. But in The Gift, she realized that her gift is that she can save the world and her sister through her own death, her sacrifice.

What was Buffy’s last line?

Buffy’s final line in the show is “Spike.” Anya’s is “Bunnies.” Buffy told Spike she loved him, echoing Cassie when she told him “She’ll tell you.

How The Gift changed Buffy?

Buffy had spent five seasons as a teenager living in a world that was, by and large, kind and fair. Through the events of “The Gift,” she became living proof that that was not so and was forced to live with the consequences.

Why did they cancel Buffy?

Fans can at least rest assured the show was not cancelled suddenly, and it seemed to be a mutual decision between Gellar and Whedon to end the show after season seven. Sadly, the spin-off series Angel did come to an abrupt end after the fifth season, which aired in 2004.

What is the first line in Buffy?

“Oh, really?” – “The First is scrunched. So, what do you think we should do, Buffy?” Willow’s first line is spoken in Buffy’s pilot and although a brief quote, it encapsulates the brainy student’s naivety and innocence.

WHO said the last line on Buffy?

Note: Glorificus and Ben share the same body, shifting between the appearance of the one who is in control at that moment. The first line is spoken by Glorificus as she is being attacked by Buffy, after which she transforms back into Ben. The last line is spoken by him.

Was The Gift meant to be the series finale?

When the episode was written by now-maligned creator Joss Whedon and aired in May 2001, it was intended as the series finale; after five years on the WB, the acclaimed but low-rated show was left in limbo before eventually moving to UPN for its final two years.

Who should Buffy have ended up with?

The discussion began when politician and Buffy fan Stacey Abrams tweeted that while Angel had been right for Buffy in the beginning, Spike, played by James Marsters, was the one she rightly should have ended up with. She wrote: ‘To be fair, Angel was the right boyfriend for Buffy coming into her power.

Why can the first take Buffy’s form?

Because Buffy has been dead, the universe classifies her as part of the class “people who have died” and for this reason, the First is able to take her form.