What does complex mean in a sentence?

1 : not easy to understand or explain : not simple complex instructions. 2 : having parts that go together in complicated ways a complex invention.

What is the meaning of complex in biology?

Medical definitions for complex The relatively stable combination of two or more ions or compounds into a larger structure without covalent binding. A composite of chemical or immunological structures.

Has a complex meaning?

an emotional problem caused by unreasonable fears or worries. have/develop a complex about something: I used to have a complex about being in crowds. give someone a complex: If you keep telling her she’s clumsy, you’ll give her a complex.

Is complexly a word?

Complexly definition In a complex manner. Involving complex numbers.

What does complex mean in medical terms?

CONTEXT. ➢ “Complex patients”: usually defined as patients with complex care needs, with a combination of multiple chronic conditions, mental health issues, medication-related problems, and social vulnerability.

What is a synonym for complex?

Some common synonyms of complex are complicated, intricate, involved, and knotty. While all these words mean “having confusingly interrelated parts,” complex suggests the unavoidable result of a necessary combining and does not imply a fault or failure.

What is meaning of labyrinthine?

Definition of labyrinthine 1 : of, relating to, or resembling a labyrinth : intricate, involved. 2 : of, relating to, affecting, or originating in the internal ear labyrinthine lesions.

What is a person’s complex?

A complex is a core pattern of emotions, memories, perceptions, and wishes in the personal unconscious organized around a common theme, such as power or status. Primarily a psychoanalytic term, it is found extensively in the works of Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud.

What is a complex diagnosis?

People with complex conditions struggle with a multitude of symptoms related to more than one disorder. For example, it is not uncommon for people to have a mental health condition, such as ADD/ADHD, as well as a substance use disorder, which is known as dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorders.

What is a complex medical case?

Complex Case Management is the coordination of care and services for those members experiencing a catastrophic event, many of which have multiple chronic conditions that have had an adverse event causing immediate medical attention.