What does Complotist mean?

a plot involving several participants; conspiracy.

What does the word complot mean?

plot, conspiracy
Definition of complot (Entry 1 of 2) archaic. : plot, conspiracy.

Is complot an English word?

complot in American English OF complot dense crowd, accord, understanding, conspiracy, complote assembly (of troops); of obscure orig.]

What is the definition of the word covin?

Definition of covin 1 archaic : crew, band, confederacy. 2a : collusive agreement between two or more persons to the detriment of a third : conspiracy. b archaic : fraud, trickery. 3 : coven.

What is the verb form of complicity?

Complicit and Its Accomplices These words ultimately derive from the Latin verb meaning “to fold together,” complicare, formed by combining com- (meaning “with,” “together,” or “jointly”) and the verb plicare, meaning “to fold.”

What conduce means?

Definition of conduce intransitive verb. : to lead or tend to a particular and often desirable result : contribute.

What’s the definition of connive?

connive \kuh-NYVE\ verb. 1 : to pretend ignorance of or fail to take action against something one ought to oppose. 2 a : to be indulgent or in secret sympathy : wink. b : to cooperate secretly or have a secret understanding. 3 : conspire, intrigue.

How do you play complot?

In Complots, as in the original game Coup, you control two characters and start with two coins, and through trickery, manipulation and bluffing, you want to eliminate all other players who stand in your way, possibly by having them eliminate one another along the way.

What does Diegesis mean in English?

Definition of diegesis : the relaying of information in a fictional work (such as a film or novel) through a narrative Verité, of course, brings closure to diegesis by placing the audience directly into the consciousness of the protagonist.

What does become complicit mean?

Definition of complicit : helping to commit a crime or do wrong in some way He was complicit in the cover-up. Complicit and Its Accomplices More Example Sentences Learn More About complicit.

Is complicit a crime?

Unlike attempt, solicitation, and conspiracy, which are crimes in and of themselves, complicity is not itself a crime but is a way of committing a crime. It also differs from an attempt, solicitation, and conspiracy in that it always depends on that crime having been completed (i.e., it is never inchoate. ).

How do you pronounce conduce?

Break ‘conduce’ down into sounds: [KUHN] + [DYOOS] – say it out loud and exaggerate the sounds until you can consistently produce them.