What does InMarket do?

InMarket is the leader in 360-degree consumer intelligence and real-time activation for thousands of major brands. Since 2010, InMarket has helped its partners to better understand who their customers are, why they make decisions and where to most effectively reach them.

Who owns InMarket?

Todd Dipaola
In August 2020, InMarket CEO and Founder Todd Dipaola was named EY Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist in Greater Los Angeles.

What does InMarket mean?

In-market audiences allow you to find customers who are researching products or services and actively considering buying something like what you offer as they browse pages across the web.

What is custom intent audience?

“Custom intent audiences help you define and reach the ideal audience for your business. Built with performance advertisers in mind, custom intent audiences allow you to go beyond pre–defined audience categories and reach people as they’re making a purchase decision.”

What is custom affinity audience?

Custom Affinity Audiences allow you to create your own Affinity Audience, specifically tailored by interest keywords, URLs, and apps that you input. If you feel limited by the predefined Google Affinity Audiences, Custom Affinity allows you to create a better match.

What is an affinity category?

Affinity Category (reach) is a Dimension in Google Analytics under the Audience section. Affinity Category (reach) Definition: Indicates that users are more likely to be interested in learning about the specified category.

What are affinity audiences?

Affinity Audiences are TV-style audiences that are designed to help connect advertisers with their ideal customers online at scale. Google Ads uses a users browsing history, time on pages visited and then associates an interest category with the users browser.

What are the benefits of custom intent audience?

5 Powerful Benefits of Custom Intent Audiences

  • Custom Intent Audiences Allow You to Use Your Competitors’ First-party Data for Targeting.
  • Custom Intent Audiences Allow You Market to Your Competitors’ BUYERS.
  • Custom Intent Audiences Give Brands a Rare Opportunity to Be Thought Leaders Around a Given Topic.

What is the difference between custom intent and in market?

The primary difference between In-market and Custom Intent audiences is control: with In-market audiences, you have to choose from pre-defined categories, but with Custom Intent audiences you’re able to break beyond those categories to create more highly targeted audiences.

What’s the difference between affinity and inmarket audiences?

Affinity: Reach users based on what they’re passionate about and their habits and interests. Detailed Demographics: Reach users based on long-term life facts. In-market: Reach users based on their recent purchase intent. Your data segments: Reach users that have interacted with your business.

Are performance planners free?

Google Ads Performance Planner is a free tool in Google Ads to help you create detailed plans based on your spend level and see the impact on your campaign performance from hypothetical changes related to budget, seasonality, and campaign set-up changes.

How does Google know your age?

It uses that data to build an advertising profile, serving users with ads that it thinks will match their demographics. By clicking a link from a Google account’s settings page, users can see what Google thinks it knows about them. Google predicts users’ age, gender, marital status, income, and personal interests.