What does it mean if someone calls you a lemming?

a person who follows the will of others, especially in a mass movement, and heads straight into a situation or circumstance that is dangerous, stupid, or destructive:These lemmings that eat up conspiracy theories are so blinded by lies, they don’t even see the cliff they’re about to plummet over.

Where does the word lemming originate from?

lemming (n.) small arctic rodent, c. 1600, from Norwegian lemming, from Old Norse lomundr “lemming.” Perhaps from Lapp luomek. Figurative sense (in reference to their prolific breeding and sudden mass migrations that sometimes end in plunges into the sea) is from 1958.

What is a lemming year?

May 5, 2011. Predictions that 2011 could be a ‘lemming year’ appear to have been correct, as the small, notoriously short-tempered rodents have begun popping up all over the mountainous areas of Norway, scaring skiers, swarming across roads and even attacking photographers.

Are lemmings edible?

Although not a main food source, lemmings were eaten by several cultures. Inuit in the Keewatin District of the Northwest Territories occasionally ate lemmings [1, 2] and lemmings were reported to be of limited importance to Iglulik and Netsilik Inuit [3].

How do you use lemming in a sentence?

They heard it on alternative radio, and then they rushed out like lemmings to buy it. The numbers of this species (and of little stint) depend on the population of lemmings.

What is another name for lemming?

•Other relevant words: (noun) gnawing animal, gnawer, polar desert, rodent.

What does lemming mean urban dictionary?

The term lemming has become something of a colloquial pejorative. Urban Dictionary defines it as: A derogatory term used to reference a person who seemingly does not possess any form of individual thought, and instead, mindlessly follows the behaviors and actions of the masses. Urban Dictionary: “lemming”

Are lemmings nocturnal?

Lemmings exhibit both diurnal and nocturnal active, often active both night and day.

How big is a lemming?

4 to 5½ inches
True lemmings, the largest of the various lemming species, range from 4 to 5½ inches (100 to 135 mm) in length, including a 1 inch (12 to 26mm) tail. Adults weigh from just over an ounce to 4 ounces (40 to 112 g) but average 2¾ ounces (78 g).

What do lemmings look like?

Lemmings are found only in the Northern Hemisphere. They have short, stocky bodies with short legs and stumpy tails, a bluntly rounded muzzle, small eyes, and small ears that are nearly hidden in their long, dense, soft fur.