What does it mean if someone is abject?

Definition of abject 1 : sunk to or existing in a low state or condition : very bad or severe living in abject poverty to lowest pitch of abject fortune thou art fallen— John Milton abject failure. 2a : cast down in spirit : servile, spiritless a man made abject by suffering an abject coward.

What is the synonym of abject?

Some common synonyms of abject are ignoble, mean, and sordid. While all these words mean “being below the normal standards of human decency and dignity,” abject may imply degradation, debasement, or servility. abject poverty.

What is an example of abject?

The definition of abject is something that is very bad or miserable. An example of abject poverty would be homelessness.

Does abject mean hopeless?

utterly hopeless, miserable, humiliating, or wretched: abject poverty. contemptible; despicable; base-spirited: an abject coward.

What is abject fear?

1 utterly wretched or hopeless. 2 miserable; forlorn; dejected.

What is abject lunacy?

Noun. The quality of having an intelligence level far below average. idiocy. inanity. insanity.

What’s the opposite of abject?

Opposite of humble or lower in rank or status. proud. respected. commendable. exalted.

How do you use abject?

Abject sentence example

  1. The poor surroundings caused abject misery.
  2. The situation created abject terror.
  3. He died in abject poverty in 1961 at the age of 57 years.
  4. Abject humiliation followed the scene with the elders.
  5. How pertinent it is to see the biggest stars reach such truly abject lows.

What is abject poverty?

The term ‘abject’ means the most miserable, humiliating circumstances. Therefore, abject poverty refers to those living in the worst conditions imaginable. Those suffering abject poverty are often faced with finding enough food to eat, clean water to drink, and a warm, dry place to sleep.

What does abject failure mean?

the state of being extremely unhappy, poor, unsuccessful, etc.: They live in abject poverty. This policy has turned out to be an abject failure.

What is meaning of abject poverty?

Extreme poverty, deep poverty, abject poverty, absolute poverty, destitution, or penury, is the most severe type of poverty, defined by the United Nations (UN) as “a condition characterized by severe deprivation of basic human needs, including food, safe drinking water, sanitation facilities, health, shelter, education …