What does it mean when someone is a marked man?

1 : someone who is famous or who gets a lot of attention Winning the race made him a marked man. As the front-runner, the candidate has become a marked woman. 2 : someone who is not liked or trusted or who is in danger of being harmed His unpopular ideas made him a marked man at work.

What’s another word for marked?

What is another word for marked?

noticeable conspicuous
striking obvious
pronounced clear
evident unmistakable
prominent distinct

What is another word for point man?

What is another word for point man?

explorer guide
leader pathfinder
player playmaker
point scout
trailblazer trailbreaker

What does it mean to be a marked woman?

DEFINITIONS1. a man or woman who is in danger because someone wants to hurt or kill them. After she spoke out against the corporation, she was a marked woman.

When people say you’re marked?

In addition to meaning “very noticeable,” it can be used in relation to the noun mark, as in “to show a mark.” You may have also heard the expression a “marked man.” Marked in this sense means to have been chosen for punishment or a bad ending.

Is Demure a compliment?

Demure is a word you don’t hear a lot these days, but it used to be a huge compliment for a woman or a girl, for them to be considered shy and quiet and modest. Those days are over, thank goodness, because demure people are nice and all, but they’re also a little boring.

What is a mark slang?

A “mark” was a slang term for the individual who was to be the target of a scam.

What do you mean by distinguishable?

different or separate from other things or people in a way that is easy to notice or understand: There are at least 20 distinguishable dialects of the language just on the south island. His days were barely distinguishable from one another. A few words were distinguishable among the slurred muttering. See.

What is a focal person?

Focal Person means any person authorized by a member organization to commit the member or with decision making powers on behalf of the member; Sample 1.

What is a point person called?

point man, prophet, speaker, spokesman, spokesperson Visit the Thesaurus for More.

What does marked mean in slang?

Mark means a target for a scam, murder or violent crime. The slang term “Mark” has been used by Dr. Dre, Rick Ross, Kendrick Lamar, Freddie Gibbs, Rappin’ 4-Tay, Domo Genesis, and many more rappers.

What does it mean when someone has been marked?

2. adjective [ADJECTIVE noun] If you describe someone as a marked man or woman, you mean that they are in danger from someone who wants to harm or kill them.