What does Michael Corleone say in the Italian restaurant?

We will stop fighting until your father is well and can resume bargaining. No vengeance will be taken. We will have peace, but your Family should interfere no longer.”

What was said at Louis restaurant in The Godfather?

What are Michael and Sollozzo saying in Italian in Louis’ Restaurant? Here is a translation of what they say in Italian: Sollozzo: I’m sorry. Michael: Leave it alone.

What was the restaurant in The Godfather?

In one of the most iconic scenes in movie history, Michael Corleone, played by Al Pacino, whacks Solozzo and corrupt police Capt. McCluskey in Louie’s Restaurant on White Plains Road in the Bronx.

Where was Louis Italian restaurant in The Godfather?

the Old Luna Restaurant
Behind the scenes Louis Restaurant was in reality filmed at the Old Luna Restaurant, on White Plains Road near Gun Hill Road in The Bronx. In original The Godfather novel the restaurant is named the Luna Azure.

What did sollozzo say to Michael in the restaurant?

Sollozzo : [to Michael, in Sicilian] I am sorry. What happened to your father was business. I have much respect for your father. But your father, his thinking is old-fashioned.

Why are there no subtitles in The Godfather restaurant scene?

Firstly, Coppola states somewhere in the DVD commentary that the actors spoke too quickly for the subtitles to be read properly and that was a distraction for the audience, so he let the scene play out visually instead. Walter Murch (Film & Sound Editor on The Godfather) explained why Coppola made this choice…

What is sollozzo saying in the restaurant?

Don Corleone : It makes no difference, it don’t make any difference to me what a man does for a living, you understand. But your business is a little dangerous. Sollozzo : If you’re worried about security for your million, the Tattaglias will guarantee it.

What is the restaurant where Michael Corleone kills Sollozzo?

Michael decides to avenge his father by killing Sollozzo and the corrupt police captain McCluskey. A meeting is arranged, and he’s picked up in front of Jack Dempsey’s, a famous restaurant owned by the boxer at 1619 Broadway.

How did Clemenza know which restaurant?

Clemenza has Michael Corleone (Al Pacino) use a Smith & Wesson Model 36 for his restaurant meeting with Virgil “the Turk” Sollozzo (Al Lettieri) and Captain McClusky (Sterling Hayden). Michael Corleone uses the gun to get required revenge for his father’s murder.

Why is sollozzo called the Turk?

Known as the Turk because he had a nose like a Turkish scimitar, and also listed as being very good with a knife, Sollozzo had already gained a reputation as a top narcotics man with poppy fields in Turkey and laboratories in Sicily and Marseilles.

Where was the toll booth scene in The Godfather filmed?

Nassau Coliseum
The toll booth scene was filmed at the site of Nassau Coliseum in Uniondal, New York on Long Island, which was under construction at the time. It also utilized the former Mitchel Field, and the roadway used was once a runway.