What does mitigated negative declaration mean?

A mitigated negative declaration (MND) is a negative declaration (ND) that incorporates revisions (mitigation measures) in the proposed project that will avoid or mitigate impacts to a point where clearly no significant impacts on the environment would occur.

What does a negative declaration mean?

Negative declaration means a written statement briefly describing the reasons that a proposed project will not have a significant effect on the environment and does not require the preparation of an environmental impact report.

What is an initial study mitigated negative declaration?

A Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) is a ND prepared for a project when the initial study has identified potentially significant effects on the environment, but (1) revisions in the project plans or proposals made by, or agreed to by, the applicant before the proposed MND and initial study are released for public …

What is a final EIR?

Before approving a project that may cause a significant environmental impact, the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) requires the Lead Agency to prepare and certify a final environmental impact report (EIR).

How long does a Mitigated Negative Declaration take?

The Lead Agency shall provide a public review period of no less than 20 days. When a Negative 6 Page 10 Declaration or MND is submitted to the State Clearinghouse, the review period shall last no less than 30 days, unless a shorter period is approved.

Who prepares an EIR?

The lead agency shall prepare a final EIR before approving the project. The contents of a final EIR are specified in 14 CCR Section 15132 of the CEQA Guidelines. Lead agencies may provide an opportunity for review of the final EIR by the public or by commenting agencies before approving the project.

What are negative declarations in real estate?

A ND is a legal statement that either describes the reasons why a proposed project will not have a significant adverse effects on the environment or that compliance with specific Federal, State or County regulations would avoid a significant impact, and thus does not require an Environmental Impact Report.

What is the EIR process?

An EIR is for project decision-makers and the public to understand environmental impacts of a proposed project and review plans to mitigate those impacts.

Who certifies the EIR?

Who pays for an EIR?

20, ยง 2300.1 – Fees for EIR or Negative Declaration Expenses. (a) The executive director shall charge and collect a reasonable fee from any person proposing a project subject to CEQA to cover the estimated actual cost of preparing a Negative Declaration or an EIR.

How long does it take to do an EIR?

In either case, it is important to keep in mind that the actual processing time frame may span several weeks or even months. About 12 to 18 weeks is typical for a Negative Declaration. A typical EIR may take up to a year to complete.