What does pretrial intervention mean?

The Pretrial Intervention Program (PTI) provides first-time offenders with an alternative to traditional prosecution in the criminal justice system. PTI seeks to provide intervention and a second chance through rehabilitative services when those efforts can potentially deter future criminal behavior.

How does pre trial intervention work?

The Felony Pre-Trial Intervention (PTI) program is a diversion program operated by the Florida Department of Corrections. The purpose of the PTI program is to afford first time felony offenders the opportunity to avoid the stigma of a criminal conviction by diverting their case from the trial court process.

How long does pre trial intervention last?

The program typically takes about 90 days to complete. However, depending on the nature and severity of the charges against you, it may take longer. Many people are relieved to hear that they qualify for the PTI program. However, upon entering it, they realize how strict the guidelines are.

Is pretrial intervention a conviction?

For many nonviolent crimes, such as theft, pretrial diversion is an option. This means that you will never be convicted of any crime, and even the record of your arrest will no longer be available to the public.

Should I take diversion or go to trial?

If there is a good chance you will be found guilty in a trial, s/he may urge you to enter the Bell County pretrial diversion program. If they think there is a chance you would fare better at trial (or if you can’t stomach the thought of admitting your guilt), trial might be the better option for you.

Will PTI show up on a background check?

Your participation in PTI will not show up a background check. However, if you have successfully completed PTI your charges will be dismissed. If you do not expunge your arrest record, it will show up a background check.

Is PTI the same as probation?

PTI is essentially a form of “suspended sentence,” whereby you can achieve a dismissal of the charges. On the other hand, probation is a form of sentencing that requires a criminal conviction.

Is PTI an admission of guilt?

In Miami-Dade County, Pretrial Diversion (PTD), which is diversion for misdemeanor offenses, and Pretrial Intervention (PTI), which is diversion for felony offenses, do not require admissions of guilt. You can accept the conditions of the program while maintaining a plea of not guilty.

Can you leave the state on PTI?

Once you have been recommended for PTI by the County probation department and the County prosecutor’s office, you must be placed into the program by a Superior Court Judge. Comply with your probation officer. Do not move out of the State. If you are leaving the State you must notify probation.

What happens after you complete PTI?

A: Once you successfully complete the program, you will be notified by the court that your PTI period is completed. At six (6) months from that date, you can apply for an expungement to have the arrest and PTI completion removed from your record.

What does PTI mean in court?

Pretrial Intervention Program

What happens if you fail PTI?

Failing to complete the program results in the charges going back before the Judge and your case starts all over again. Your case proceeds as if PTI never happened. You can still address any legal issues in the case, accept an offer to resolve the case, or take the case to trial.

Does PTI drug test?

What does PTI involve? – Completion of PTI includes 30-50 hours of community service, a counseling program, passing drug screenings and writing a short report. PTI for criminal domestic violence will include a 26 weeks of domestic abuse counseling.

Can you get off PTI early?

Early Termination for the PTI Program In order for early termination to be considered, you must successfully complete all conditions of PTI and you must complete at least 9 months of supervision.

How long is the PTI program in Florida?

6 -12 months

What happens in a pretrial diversion?

In criminal matters, pretrial diversion is a common way in which cases are disposed. Pretrial diversion is simply a set of conditions that a defendant must meet in order for their case to be dismissed. In that way, it is similar to probation. But probation occurs when there is a conviction.

What is a pre trial in Florida?

A Pre-Trial hearing also known as a pretrial conference is a joint conference when a judge will meet with both the prosecution and attorneys for a defendant facing a jury trial. During this period, attorneys may file motions, such as reducing charges, obtaining additional time and excluding evidence to name a few.

What is a pre trial felony?

In a felony case, the pre-trial is usually held a few weeks after the probable cause conference, and is the first hearing in the circuit court, where felony cases that are “bound over” are ultimately resolved. A trial, while perhaps the most complex of legal proceedings is the easiest to describe.

How many pre trials can you have?

Some cases resolve with only two or three pre-trial hearings, while others may require five or six.

What is the difference between arraignment and pretrial?

An arraignment is a pre-trial proceeding, sometimes called an initial appearance. The criminal defendant is brought in front of a judge at a lower court. A trial date is established. If the defendant enters a guilty plea, the judge may set a sentencing date.