What does REM stand for in aviation?


Term Main definition
rem/hr Rems per Hour

What does bac stand for in fire department?

* = Asterisk indicates acronym.
B black
BAC blood alcohol content
BAL british anti-lewisite (dimercaprol)
blood alcohol level

What does Rp stand for in fire department?


What abbreviation is Doe?


Acronym Definition
DOE Department Of Energy (US)
DOE Department of Education (US)
DOE Depending On Experience (jobs & classified ads)
DOE Department Of Ecology

What is the abbreviations for DHS?

Department of Homeland Security.

What is REM sleep?

Rapid eye movement (REM) sleep is a stage of sleep associated with dreaming and memory consolidation3. REM sleep was first discovered in the 1950s, when scientists studying sleeping infants noticed that there were distinct periods when their eyes moved rapidly from side to side.

Are firefighters alcoholics?

However, when looking at alcohol use for firefighters, about 10% to 20% more males firefights drink on a monthly basis than compared to the rest of the population. Alcohol is the most common type of substance abuse among firefighters. Twice as many firefighters are believed to participate in binge drinking.

Can firefighters get drunk?

EMTs, paramedics, firefighters and even cops can fall victim to these often-dangerous substances. This can be a serious problem for the EMS manager. Intoxicated providers pose a danger to those they assist, others in the community, themselves and their colleagues, and even to their department.

What does the C stand for in Receo vs?

RECEO-VS. The first acronym taught to working firefighters is RECEO-VS. This stands for Rescue, Exposures, Containment, Extinguish, Overhaul – Ventilation and Salvage.

What is SPR in fire fighting?


What is DOS stand?

A DOS, or disk operating system, is an operating system that runs from a disk drive. The term can also refer to a particular family of disk operating systems, most commonly MS-DOS, an acronym for Microsoft DOS.