What does SE stand for for SE bikes?

Scot Enterprise
After capturing the first ever National BMX Title in 1976, Scot started his own BMX company named “SE Racing.” Seeing as it was his own company, he named it after himself. The “SE” stands for Scot Enterprise. The first biked he designed was the STR-1 (now known as the Quadangle) for Stu Thomsen.

What size bike is a PK Ripper?


Suggested Rider Size 5’3″-5’10” (160-178cm)
Stem Promax Impact, 6061-T6 Aluminum, CNC Machined Hollowed Out Center, Lightweight External Cutouts, Hidden Top Cap, 53mm Reach
Grips SE Racing Mushroom Wing Grips w/ SE Rubber End Plugs
Seat SE Racing Pivotal Race Seat

What country are SE bikes made in?

SE Racing was a BMX bicycle company which was founded in 1977 by Scot Breithaupt (Scot Enterprises). The company manufactured the PK Ripper BMX bike and the Floval Flyer….SE Racing.

Logo for SE Bikes
Industry Bicycles
Founded 1977 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Founder Scot Breithaupt
Headquarters United States

What size is the se Ripper?

SE Bikes: Ripper

SUGGESTED RIDER SIZE 4’8″- 5’5″ (142cm-165cm)
STEM 40mm
CRANK 170mm

When did the PK Ripper come out?

The PK Ripper was first introduced over 40 years ago in 1979. It took the BMX world by storm as the lightest, fastest, and most bad ass looking bike in the game. You were definitely the coolest kid on the block if you had a PK Ripper in the late 70s through to the mid-80s.

How heavy is a se Ripper?


Color(s) Red Ano, Wood Grain, Yellow Sparkle, Dark Blue Sparkle, Purple Rain, Ball Burnish, Classic Black
Accessories Checkerboard SE Snap Padset, (Wood Grain, Yellow Sparkle, and Dark Blue Sparkle do not include padset), Alloy Valve Caps, SE Wheelie Pegs
Weight 32 lbs / 14.51 kgs

Do they still make PK rippers?

Today the aluminum BMX bicycle frame is the standard, and the modern iteration of the P. K. Ripper is still manufactured by SE (now called Sports Engineering) Racing.