What does SS mean in measurement?

In measuring how spread out a set of measures are, the sum of the squares, often indicated as SS, gives a measure that is simple to calculate and use. It is calculated as the square of the sum of differences between each measure and the average. SS = SUM(Xi – AVERAGE(X))

How big is ss12?

Size ss12 (3.00-3.20 mm) available in 102 different colors.

What does SS mean for Swarovski crystals?

Stone Size
Swarovski uses the terminology “Stone Size” (ss) to measure various stones, such as Round Stones and Flatback sizes.

How is SS calculated?

Here are steps you can follow to calculate the sum of squares:

  1. Count the number of measurements.
  2. Calculate the mean.
  3. Subtract each measurement from the mean.
  4. Square the difference of each measurement from the mean.
  5. Add the squares together and divide by (n-1)

What is SS in research?

abbreviation for shock–shock interval.

How big is a 16 SS crystal?

approximately 4.0mm
SS16 rhinestones measure approximately 4.0mm in diameter. There are approximately 1,400 rhinestones in a fluid ounce jar of SS16 rhinestones.

What does SS16 mean?

Rhinestone Conversion Chart

PP SS Size (mm)
PP29 SS15 3.60-3.70
PP30 SS15 3.70-3.80
PP31 SS16 3.80-4.00
PP32 SS17 4.00-4.10

How big is SS30?

Rhinestone Conversion Chart

SS Size (mm)
SS30 6.32-6.50
SS31 6.50-6.68
SS32 6.680-6.872
SS33 6.872-7.069

What size is SS20 crystal?

approximately 5.0mm
SS20 rhinestones measure approximately 5.0mm in diameter. There are approximately 700 rhinestones in a fluid ounce jar of SS20 rhinestones.

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