What does the meaning down to earth mean?

adjective. If you say that someone is down-to-earth, you approve of the fact that they concern themselves with practical things and actions, rather than with abstract theories. [approval] Gloria is probably the most down-to-earth person I’ve ever met.

What does it mean to come back down to earth?

Definition of ‘back/down to earth’ If you come down to earth or back to earth, you have to face the reality of everyday life after a period of great excitement.

Is come down to earth an idiom?

Meaning of Idiom ‘Down to Earth’ (To be brought or to come) down to Earth means to be brought back to reality; to become realistic or alert to the actual events going on around one. 1. McGraw-Hill’s American Idioms Dictionary.

Where does the phrase down to earth come from?

The origin only gives this: Origin: This idiom may allude to angels or other celestial creatures coming down to Earth or being ‘cast down’ to join mortal humans. It also may derive from the notion of the word of God being ‘brought down to Earth’ so that humans could understand it.

Is being down to earth a compliment?

The second meaning is “modest or unpretentious,” like a rock star who drives an old car and shows up at the local library and coffee shop — just like a regular person. Either way, being described as down-to-earth is always a compliment.

What bump down means?

To bump down = to descend in/with bumps.

How do you use down to earth?

1, Fran’s a very friendly, down-to-earth person. 2, She’s a down-to-earth sort of woman with no pretensions. 3, On balance, the book is a friendly, down-to-earth introduction to physics. 4, He needs to marry a down-to-earth person who will organize his life for him.

What is the synonym of down to earth?

earthy, hardheaded, matter-of-fact, practical, pragmatic.

Is being down to earth a good thing?

The phrase can also mean to be humble. A pleasant, humble celebrity may be referred to as being down to earth. Your friend who never gets riled up and remains reasonable could also be described as being down to earth. People who are down to earth are typically pleasant and relaxing to be around.

What is an example of down to earth?

The definition of down to earth is someone or something that is free of pretension and doesn’t put on airs, but who is instead simple and straight-forward. An example of down to earth is a person who buys a nice cozy farmhouse instead of a giant mansion.

What makes a person down to earth?

10) Helping others comes naturally A down-to-earth person tends to be a problem-solver and will focus on what skills they have that can help someone who is in need. If they can’t help, they’ll think of someone who can.