What does the pocket Venus mean?

A small and beautiful woman
noun. A small and beautiful woman; also in extended use.

What does it mean to be called a Venus?

an exceptionally beautiful woman
an exceptionally beautiful woman. (sometimes lowercase)Archaeology. a statuette of a female figure, usually carved of ivory and typically having exaggerated breasts, belly, or buttocks, often found in Upper Paleolithic cultures from Siberia to France.

What is a girls Venus?

Venus was the goddess of love, sex and fertility in ancient Roman mythology; much like her Greek counterpart Aphrodite. The month of April was said to have strong associations to her, as this was the month of fertility. She was a relatively late deity who had no mention in any of the records of the early Roman period.

Why is the goddess Venus so important?

Venus is the Roman goddess of love, beauty, prosperity, fertility, and victory. She was so important to Romans that they claimed her as their ancestress. According to mythology, her son Aeneas fled from Troy to Italy. He became the ancestor of Remus and Romulus, who founded Rome.

What causes a large pubic mound?

A tendency to have more fat in this area can be something you are born with, also known as congenital. Some people can be of normal weight, or even underweight, and have a prominent mons pubis due to a genetic disposition for fat collection in this area. A larger mons pubis can also come with weight gain.

Why is it called mons pubis?

The fat pad over the pubic area of females is currently termed the mons pubis (pubic mountain-Latin). An older term, the mons veneris (the mountain of Venus) referred to the Roman Goddess of Love, also known as Aphrodite in Greek mythology. Venus not only brought the pleasures of love, but also the perils of passion.

What powers does Venus have?

Venus has the power to project images or illusions of herself and to control the emotions of others, as well as the ability to fly at high speeds, shield herself from mortal sight, and shift her physical form into other beings.

How old are Venus figurines?

23,000 to 25,000 years
The earliest known representations of the human female form are the European Paleolithic “Venus figurines,” ranging in age from 23,000 to 25,000 years.

Who created the Venus figurines?

The people of the Upper Paleolithic who created these Venus figurines were nomadic hunter-gatherers. The Upper Paleolithic, from roughly 50,000-10,000 years ago, predates the advent of agriculture, and marks a transition to modern human cognitive behavior and the advent of many new technologies.