What does the term convalescence mean?

When you convalesce, you heal or grow strong after illness or injury, often by staying off your feet. The related adjective convalescent means “recovering from sickness or debility,” and a convalescent home is a hospital for long-term recuperation and rehabilitation.

What is an example of convalescence?

Convalescence definition The definition of convalescence is a gradual healing process or a time of rest and relaxation, usually after an illness. When you go to a nursing home for a period of rest and rehab after you have suffered from a stroke, this time spent in the nursing home is an example of a convalescence.

What is convalescent person?

As a noun, a convalescent is a person who is recovering from being sick. The origin of convalescent is the Latin root valescere, which means “to begin to grow strong.” Definitions of convalescent. adjective. returning to health after illness or debility.

What is the other term for convalescent?

wasting (away), weakening, wilting, withering, worsening.

What is the meaning of convalescent home?

A convalescent home can often also be called an Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility, or IRF. These facilities have medically trained staff who deliver short-term care. The people receiving convalescent care are getting temporary care to recover from some sort of set-back such as an injury, illness or operation.

What is accident convalescence?

gradual healing (through rest) after sickness or injury.

What is the difference between rehabilitation and convalescent?

Convalescent Home & Rehabilitation Since a main function of convalescent homes is for the return of a person’s health, strength and ability to live independently again, rehab therapy is a service provided in these types of facilities.

What is the opposite of convalescent?

Opposite of recovering one’s health and strength after a period of illness. deteriorating. failing. faltering. regressing.

What is the convalescent phase?

Convalescence is the period in which the body recovers from a serious illness, injury or surgery. Changes to your lifestyle may be needed to make sure the body has enough time and rest to allow a complete recovery.

How do you pronounce convalescent?

Break ‘convalescent’ down into sounds: [KON] + [VUH] + [LES] + [UHNT] – say it out loud and exaggerate the sounds until you can consistently produce them.