What does torn in between the two mean?

adjective. If you are torn between two or more things, you cannot decide which to choose, and so you feel anxious or troubled.

What is a synonym for torn between?

unable to decide which you want most Synonyms: Indecision and undecided. undecided. indecisive. irresolute.

What does emotionally torn mean?

It’s also possible to be emotionally torn, or conflicted between two choices, options, or people: “I’m torn between going to the party or staying home and reading my library book.” Either way, torn things are difficult (and sometimes impossible) to repair.

How do you use the word torn in a sentence?

Torn sentence example

  1. Your dress is torn and you’re bleeding.
  2. You were lucky and there was no torn tissue or fractures.
  3. They have torn my body.
  4. They looked as if they’d been torn apart by some monster she couldn’t imagine.
  5. I was torn between hanging up and telling the truth.

Is stuck between synonym?

What is another word for stuck between?

between amongst
midway ‘tween
bounded by centrally located
enclosed by flanked by
sandwiched between surrounded by

What means pull apart?

Definition of pull apart 1 : to be separated into parts or pieces by pulling The rolls pull apart easily. 2 : to separate or break (something) into parts or pieces She pulled the rolls apart with her hands.

What is it called when your stuck between two choices?

Dilemma has been used as a general synonym for problem or predicament since the early 20th century, despite some style guides insisting it must refer to a difficult choice between two options.

What is a torn person?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English be torna) if you are torn, you are unable to decide what to do because you have different feelings or different things that you wantbe torn between She was torn between her love of dancing and her fear of performing in public.

What does it mean to be torn between something and something?

Metaphorically, when we say that we are torn between something and something we are saying that we cannot decide between two options or choices, or that it is very difficult to choose. You feel torn when you really want two things, but can only choose one.

What does it mean to be torn between two conflicting choices?

Be distracted by two conflicting choices, be in a dilemma, as in I’m torn between going to the mountains or going to the seashore; each appeals to me. This idiom was first recorded in 1871.

What are some words that mean torn down?

torn between, be torn down torn down torn down torn down torn from torn grain torn hair torn hair out torn hair out torn hair out torn her a new one torn her apart torn her away torn her down