What does Weedmaster kill?

The active ingredients in Weedmaster herbicide, dicamba and 2,4-D, kill broadleaf weeds, like ragweed, dandelion and poison ivy, by interfering with their growth hormones.

What is the mixing ratio for Weedmaster?

mix 1 part of this product plus 6 parts water.

What is Weedmaster used for?

WeedMaster is a selective, post-emerge herbicide that provides tough, long-lasting control of a broad spectrum of annual, biennial and perennial broadleaf weeds. The growth regulating effects of 2,4-D and dicamba interfere with the normal development of weeds, ultimately causing plant death.

How do you apply Weedmaster herbicide?

Spray all foliage, stems and root collars to wet. Aerial applications may be made to control either herbaceous or woody plants. Apply 1 to 2.75 quarts of this product (for herbaceous weeds) or 2.75 to 5.5 quarts of this product (for woody brush and vines) in 5 to 40 gallons of water per treated acre.

Is Weedmaster toxic?

HAZARD STATEMENTS: Harmful if swallowed or inhaled. Causes serious eye damage. Causes skin irritation. May cause damage to organs (liver, kidney) through prolonged or repeated exposure.

How long does Weedmaster need before rain?

within 4 hours
Following application of Weedmaster, how long until it is rain safe? Irrigation or rainfall within 4 hours of post emergence application of Weedmaster may reduce the effectiveness of the product.

What is the active ingredient in Weedmaster herbicide?

This product contains two active ingredients: dicamba and 2,4-D. This herbicide is readily absorbed by plants through shoot and root uptake, translocates throughout the plant’s system, and accumulates in areas of active growth.

What is Weedmaster chemical?

Weedmaster® herbicide is a selective postemergence herbicide for controlling a wide spectrum of annual, bienni- al, and perennial broadleaf weeds and brush in grass for- ages and selected row crops. Mode of Action. Weedmaster contains two active ingredients: dicamba. and 2,4-0. Weedmaster is readily absorbed by plants.

Is Weedmaster flammable?

WEEDMASTER TS540 or solutions of WEEDMASTER TS540 react with such containers to produce hydrogen gas which may form a highly combustible gas mixture which can flash or explode if ignited.

Does Weedmaster have residual?

Controls tough weeds such as horsenettle, thistles and blackberry. WeedMaster is safe for desirable grasses. Pre-emergence control with residual activity.

Who makes Weedmaster herbicide?


Active Ingredient 2,4-D, dimethylamine salt 35.7%, Dicamba 12.4%
Shipping Weight 25.25 lbs
Manufacturer Nufarm
UPC 191662012248
EPA Registration 71368-34

What is the mode of action for Weedmaster TS540?

Weedmaster TS540 has the inhibition of EPSP synthase mode of action. Some naturally occurring weed biotypes resistant to Weedmaster TS540 and other Group G herbicides may exist through normal genetic variability in any weed population.