What does you are more than enough mean?

You’re more than enough.” This would mean that Person B will be sufficient in completing the task because it does not require too much effort to be completed. You could respond by saying, “You’re more than enough (for me).” Then, you could explain all of the things that attracts you to the person.

What is the correct way to spell enough?

Correct spelling for the English word “enough” is [ɪnˈʌf], [ɪnˈʌf], [ɪ_n_ˈʌ_f] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

What is opposite of trouble?

Antonyms for trouble peace, contentment, boon, assistance, advantage, harmony, calm, aid, order, calmness, health, benefit, solution, delight, help, fitness, pleasure, blessing, good health, organization, ease, comfort, joy, tranquility, satisfaction, happiness.

What is the opposite of attract?

attract. Antonyms: repel, deter, indispose, disincline, estrange, alienate. Synonyms: influence, induce, dispose, incline, tempt, prompt, allure, charm, fascinate, invite, entice.

What is a word for someone who causes trouble?

troublemaker. noun. someone who causes problems, often by being violent or by making others argue or not obey people in authority.

What word is laugh?

giggle, snicker, chuckle, whoop, roar, grin, shriek, scream, howl, snort, guffaw, burst, chortle, crow, fracture, cachinnate, titter, convulsed, break up, crack up.

How do you spell daughter?

Correct spelling for the English word “daughter” is [dˈɔːtə], [dˈɔːtə], [d_ˈɔː_t_ə] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

What is opposite word of heavy?

Opposite Of Heavy, Antonyms of Heavy, Meaning and Example Sentences Heavy means; of great weight, severe, serious, hard, slow, heavyweight; severe, vigorous Opposites of Heavy; light lightweight weightless featherweight airy buoyant featherlike feathery ethereal floaty fluffy gossamer gossamery little small thin …

What is this word trouble?

1a : to agitate mentally or spiritually : worry, disturb. b : to put to exertion or inconvenience I’m sorry to trouble you. c(1) : to produce physical disorder in : afflict troubled by a cold. (2) archaic : mistreat, oppress. 2 : to put into confused motion the wind troubled the sea.

How do you spell trouble?

to signify future trouble; to mean trouble.

What is the opposite word of wise?

What is the opposite of wise?

foolish unwise
inattentive incautious
indiscreet irrational
obtuse reckless
senseless thoughtless

What is another word for in trouble?

What is another word for in trouble?

struggling screwed
having problems in difficulty
in difficulties in shtook
heading for disaster in a mess
in a predicament in desperate straits

What is the opposite of peace?

peace. Antonyms: noise, disturbance, tumult, agitation, hostility, disorder, embroilment, war, discord, variance, strife. Synonyms: quiet, tranquillity, calm, repose, pacification, order, calmness, reconciliation, harmony, concord.

What is the meaning of it’s enough?

a sufficient to answer a need, demand, supposition, or requirement; adequate. enough cake. b (as pronoun) enough is now known. 2 ♦ that’s enough! that will do: used to put an end to an action, speech, performance, etc.

What kind of word is enough?

Grammar explanation. enough means ‘as much as necessary’. It can be used with an adjective, an adverb, a verb or a noun. It can also act as a pronoun.

How can I be enough for someone?

10 Steps To Feeling Good Enough For Your Partner

  1. Figure out the root of the problem.
  2. Talk to a trusted friend or counselor.
  3. Work on your confidence in all areas of your life.
  4. Focus on the things that make you feel happy and fulfilled.
  5. Challenge yourself.
  6. Love yourself for who you are.
  7. Remember, you’re not the only one.

How do you describe trouble?


  • adversity.
  • anguish.
  • calamity.
  • cross.
  • crux.
  • depression.
  • difficulty.
  • disease.

What is opposite of dry?

Antonym of Dry Word. Antonym. Dry. Humid, Moist, Wet. Get definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

How do you believe you are enough?

What can you do to finally feel like enough

  1. Practice gratitude daily.
  2. Live in alignment with your values – We all have an inner code.
  3. Design your life around your true priorities.
  4. Reconnect to your true self.
  5. Stop being so damn independent!
  6. Set realistic expectations for yourself.
  7. Ask for help.
  8. Live with the end in mind.

What is another word for not heavy?

“The box is not heavy and sits easily on the brackets attached to the secondary support ring.”…What is another word for not heavy?

light lightweight
weightless featherweight
underweight unheavy
weighing very little light as a feather
airy ethereal

What does admirable mean in English?

1 : deserving the highest esteem : excellent an admirable achievement.

What is the opposite of terrible?

Antonym of Terrible

Word Antonym
Terrible Lovely, Marvelous
Get definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

What means witless?

1 : destitute of wit or understanding : foolish. 2 : mentally deranged : crazy drive one witless with anxiety— William Styron.