What episode do Jane and Weller sleep together?

Lepers Repel is the twentieth second episode of the second season and the 45th overall episode of Blindspot.

Who was the mole in Season 1 of Blindspot?

Ukweli Roach
Ukweli Roach as Robert Borden (seasons 1–2; recurring season 3; guest seasons 4–5), an FBI psychiatrist who helps Jane to retrieve and understand her memories. He is later revealed to be Nigel Thornton, a former doctor and a Sandstorm mole within the FBI.

Who is the mole in Blindspot Season 1 episode 13?

In the most intense episode yet, Jane Doe (Jaime Alexander) is accused of being a mole for a Russian spy group that has plotted many terrorist attacks throughout the show. However, it isn’t just Jane under investigation, but the entire FBI team.

Was Jane pregnant on Blindspot?

The good news is that the episode’s end shifted the story away from Zapata enough she may be able to keep her pregnancy under wraps. The bad news is that Jane took a bullet to the stomach, and Weller was kidnapped by Madeline’s people.

What episode does Kurt Kiss Jane?

Jane and Kurt shared their first kiss as early as episode 1×10 and a second kiss in episode 1×22.

Who is the second mole in Blindspot?

It turns out Sandstorm did have a second mole within the FBI. During Wednesday’s episode of Blindspot, the team aligned with Nas’ Sandstorm source, who turned out to be Cade (Tom Lipinski), in order to catch Shepherd (Michelle Hurd).

Who is the traitor in Blindspot?

Dr. Robert Borden, born Nigel Thornton, is a Sandstorm member who worked as an FBI psychologist in order to pass intel to his terrorist organization.

Who was the Russian mole in blindspot?

Jonas Fischer
Jonas Fischer was a Chief Inspector of the FBI Office of Professional Responsibility. He was also a high-ranking mole for the Russians, using his authority to end investigations against the Russians that had gotten too close. He was killed by his prisoner Jane Doe.

Is Sloane the mole in blindspot?

It turns out that Fisher is the mole! Fisher tells Jane Doe she’s done. As she’s being transported into a holding cell, Weller shows up, but he can’t quite get to her. He yells out that Fisher is the mole.

Is Taylor Shaw Jane Doe?

Ultimately, Jane (Jaimie Alexander) was able to track down Oscar (François Arnaud), who planned to wipe her memory again. He revealed that she’s not actually Taylor Shaw, but she was following the direction of some man named Shepherd.

Do Jane and Weller have kids?

Jane’s daughter Avery Drabkin born in July of 1999, during a flashback scene of third season. Kurt’s daughter Bethany Weller born in summer of 2017, off-screen of second season.