What episode do they confess in Kimi ni Todoke?

Confession is the 9th episode of the series Kimi ni Todoke Season 2.

Will Sawako confess to Kazehaya?

Meanwhile, Sawako confesses her love for Kazehaya to Yano and Chizu. Later, Sawako and Kurumi meet and Sawako asks if they can be friends.

Do Kazehaya and Sawako get together in the anime?

After they both confess their feelings to one another, they finally get together, but Shouta finally asks Sawako out, after being unsure of how their relationship was.

At what episode does Kazehaya and Sawako date?

Season 1 – Episode 13 – Aired 1/5/2010 After seeing Sawako and Ryuu together, Kazehaya rushes up to Sawako and pulls her away, leaving Kurumi behind. Kazehaya then confirms with Sawako that she doesn’t like Ryuu, while Sawako has just realized that she really likes Kazehaya.

Does Sawako kiss Kazehaya?

After the Christmas party, Kazehaya finally kisses Sawako! But a kiss is not enough, and Sawako asks permission from her parents to stay out late with Kazehaya… Then, Sawako’s friends dish the details of their own very special Christmas Eves when everyone converges at her house for an impromptu party.

What episode does Ryu confess to Chizuru?

Chapter 59: Kent hugging Ayane after she breaks down crying realizing that she never loved her now ex-boyfriend Mogi. Ryu finally confessing his love to Chizuru.

Does Kimi ni Todoke have a happy ending?

A happy ending in almost all the episodes ( wait, maybe all of them). In the second season, it’s more focused on love. Kazehaya and Sawako will probably take their relationship to the next level, but more misunderstandings before that. The story is outstanding.

What chapter does Sawako kiss Kazehaya?

Then we have the big Shota and Sawako kiss in Chapter 71 which was a double page picture. It was followed by a number of other kisses.

When did Sawako kiss Kazehaya?

Does Ryu like Sadako?

He does not deny having feelings for her and later confirms his love for her to Sawako.

Does Kimi ni Todoke have Season 2?

Overall the 2nd Season of Kimi ni Todoke is an excellent conclusion to the series. Though even with its excellent ending it never feels like it equals the quality of the first one.