What episode of Clone Wars does Palpatine fight Maul?

“The Lawless” is the sixteenth episode of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series’ fifth season. It aired on February 2, 2013.

Is Palpatine Darth Maul?

Darth Maul, known simply as Maul before and after his time as a Sith Lord, is a character in the Star Wars franchise….

Darth Maul
Master Darth Sidious
Apprentice Savage Opress Dryden Vos (Teräs Käsi) Qi’ra (Teräs Käsi) Ezra Bridger (claimant)
Homeworld Dathomir

What did Sidious use Maul for in Clone Wars?

The rogue Sith Lord, who was revealed to have survived the events of Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace in the Clone Wars episode “Witches of the Mist,” has been captured by his former master, Darth Sidious, following the events of another Clone Wars episode titled “The Lawless.” Sidious uses Maul in an attempt to …

Did Palpatine capture Maul?

During the Clone Wars, the renegade Sith Lord Maul led a criminal army known as the Shadow Collective to take control of the planet Mandalore. During a battle in the city of Sundari, Maul was captured by his former Sith Master, Darth Sidious, who imprisoned Maul in the Spire, a Separatist prison on Stygeon Prime.

Why did Palpatine keep Maul alive?

In fact, in this same scene, Sidious says he is keeping Maul alive because he has “other uses for you!” If Palpatine thought Maul knew he about his double identity, there’s no way he would have let him stay alive.

How did Maul survive Palpatine?

Thought dead, Darth Maul survived his injuries by focusing on his hatred of Obi-Wan Kenobi, the Jedi who cut him in half. His shattered body was dumped amid the refuse of the junk planet Lotho Minor, where the once deadly warrior fell into madness, staying alive on a diet of vermin.

Why did Sidious keep Maul alive?

Is Darth Maul alive in the Mandalorian?

Darth Maul is dead during the events of The Mandalorian He had a whole climactic lightsaber duel with his ultimate nemesis, Obi-Wan Kenobi, on Tatooine (as seen in Star Wars Rebels).