What episode was the Pain vs Naruto fight?

Naruto and Pain’s fight began in episode 163, titled “Explosion! sage mode”, and ended in episode 169, titled “The Two Students.” This battle, which lasted six episodes, was one of the best in the entire Naruto franchise, where we witnessed the power of the Perfect Toad Sage Mode.

What happens in episode 215 of Naruto?

Naruto reproaches Sasuke for attempting to kill Sakura. Then Sasuke reveals that he killed Danzo with his own hands. He goes on to declare his intent to purify the Uchiha Clan’s name by anni… Read all.

What episode does Pain talk to Naruto?

“Meeting” (出逢い, Deai) is episode 172 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.

What episode is the Pain arc?

For many Naruto fans, Pain’s Assault is seen as the highest peak of the series. This arc sees Akatsuki leader Pain leading an attack on Konohagakure, in his effort to find Naruto and track down the Nine-Tailed Beast. It spans from episode 152 to 169, and from 172 to 175 in the Shippuden anime.

What season is episode 215 of Naruto Shippuden?

Naruto Shippuden Season 10 Episode 215 – Watch on VRV.

What episode of Naruto is the past to be wiped?

episode 215
“A Past to Be Erased” (消し去りたい過去, Keshi Saritai Kako) is episode 215 of the original Naruto anime.

What happens in episode 174 Naruto: Shippūden?

Naruto remains silent after learning of Nagato’s painful past. Nagato claims true peace cannot exist in this cursed world, dismissing Jiraiya’s ideal as nothing more than wishful thinking. Having heard Nagato’s side of the story, Naruto gives his own answer to the quest for peace.

Which episode is Pain arc?

What episode does Naruto fight pain?

The majority of the fight between Naruto and Pain takes place in “Planetary Devastation,” episode 166, which is episode 14 of season seven. In season seven, episode 10, “Explosion! Sage Mode,” Naruto begins the fight by taking on the paths of Pain. The fight continues through four episodes in season seven: Episode 11 “Danger!

How many views does Naruto vs pain full fight have?

NARUTO VS PAIN FULL FIGHT ENGLISH DUB > Info Comments NARUTO VS PAIN FULL FIGHT ENGLISH DUB 508 Views 14/12/2021 Cheffrey 202 Followers · 56 Videos Follow Recommended for You 19:38 NARUTO ep 163 tagalog dub vonxdalien 31.5K Views 1:49:50

What episode does Naruto get the Nine-Tails cloak?

Naruto witnessing all of this loses control over his emotions and enters the Nine-Tails cloak form at the end of episode 166 which is titled “ Confessions ”. We see Naruto exploding in anger and entering nine tails form.

What episode does Naruto learn Sage Mode?

Naruto shows up at the Leaf Village in season 8 at the end of episode 162 which is titled “ Pain to the World ”. Naruto was at Mt. Myoboku learning Sage Mode to specifically fight Pain and defeat him. He was being trained by Lord Fukasaku who taught Jiraiya Sage Mode as well. Naruto goes to Mt. Myoboku at the end of episode 154 to learn Sage Mode.