What equipment is needed for PAT testing?

Equipment that should be tested include items such as electric drills, PCs, monitors, printers, kettles and larger pieces of equipment such as photocopiers and vending machines. Any cordless power tool would not need to be PAT tested.

Can I PAT test my own equipment?

Yes, you can PAT test your own equipment; if you are a competent person with the relevant training, knowledge, equipment and time.

Do you PAT test computers?

A computer is an electrical appliance and must be PAT tested. There are, however, several rules to follow when PAT testing a computer as normal testing procedures could result in damage being caused to your IT equipment.

Does a laptop need PAT testing?

The laptop PC itself doesn’t need to be PAT tested, an inspection for damage is however recommended. This is because a laptop is operating under 120V DC, usually around 20V DC, which makes it a Class 3 appliance requiring a visual inspection only.

How do I PAT test my computer?

To PAT test the PC it needs to be disconnected from the mains and plugged into a PAT tester. By doing this, the PAT tester will be able to obtain electrical readings and generate a PASS or FAIL result.

Can I PAT testing without qualification?

Training courses often come with a type of qualification at the end of them, along with the relevant knowledge that makes you suitable for completing a PAT test, but there is no official required qualification.

What class appliance is a computer?

Monitors and computers are Class 1 earthed appliances and are powered via an earthed IEC 3 core 230 V power lead, although there are exception which are powered from low voltage PSUs which can be Class 1 or Class 2 double insulated products.

Do you PAT test a mobile phone?

However, battery powered equipment such as laptops, mobile phones, even battery powered tools; do not fall under the remit of portable appliance testing, as they do not have and are not designed to operate whilst connected to the mains power via a plug and socket scenario.

Does computer equipment need PAT testing?

Is PAT testing good money?

These are areas where PAT testing is a real undertaking, and so you could even offer package deals rather than charging per item. All in all, it’s still possible to make good money from PAT testing.