What ethnicity is Wakka?

Wakka Wakka, an Australian Aboriginal nation of south-east Queensland.

Is Wakka a good blitzball player?

Wakka’s stats aren’t particularly impressive, but his endurance, speed, and shooting stats make him a pretty decent forward. There’s also the sentimental angle to consider, given his strong connection with the Aurochs.

How old is Chappu?

Age Around 19
Birthplace Besaid
Gender Male

How old was Wakka when he became a guardian?

Wakka is a playable character, and one of Yuna’s guardians in Final Fantasy X….Wakka (Final Fantasy)

Age 23 (X) 25 (X-2)
Occupation Zuke’s Guardian (Formerly) Yuna’s Guardian (Formerly) Blitzball Captain (Formerly)

How old is Wakka in FFX?

Wakka. Wakka (ワッカ) is a 23-year-old professional blitzball player who is characterized by having a long reddish-orange quiff and, being tall and muscular in appearance.

What race is Lulu FFX?

Lulu (Final Fantasy)

Voiced by (Japanese) Rio Natsuki
Weapon Dolls
Race Human

Why does Wakka use a blitzball?

He started played blitzball at the age of five, joining the Besaid Aurochs at 13. Blitzball served as a distraction from the constant pain and sorrow Sin brought to Spira. When Wakka played blitzball, his presence was with the game, not consumed by fear.

How old is Wakka FFX?

How old is Lulu Final Fantasy?

In Final Fantasy X: Eternal Calm, we learn that Lulu and Wakka have married and have a child on the way. Lulu is 22 and the tallest of the main female cast, at 5’6” (167cm).

What race is Wakka FFX?

Wakka is of what would be considered Austronesian descent in our world and is characterized by a Besaid Island accent.

Why does Wakka use a Blitzball?